11 most beautiful Danxia landforms in China

China's Danxia landform is characterized by the largest area, the most typical development, and the most beautiful scenery, forming a geological landscape characterized by "China Danxia". Danxia landform is the result of the long-term combined action of internal dynamics within the geological structure and external forces of weathering and denudation.

1: Jiangxi Longhu Mountain Guifeng

Guifeng Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Yiyang County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, next to 320 National Highway, 311 Expressway and Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, 10 kilometers away from Yiyang County, with a total area of 136 square kilometers. The scenery of Guifeng Scenic Spot is unique and is a typical Danxia landform. The natural landscape and human landscape in the scenic area are integrated, and the beautiful scenery of Danxia, Qishan Xiushui and Buddhism, Taoism and Confucian culture are integrated, forming the unique scenery of Guifeng. Guifeng is named for the numerous pictographic rocks in the scenic spot that resemble tortoises and the entire scenic spot looks like a giant tortoise from a distance.

2: Guizhou Chishui Danxia

Chishui Danxia is not just a single Danxia landform, but a combination of other natural beauty such as waterfalls, wetlands, green forests, etc. It is the Danxia landform area with the best mountain-water-forest configuration. It is the most typical and beautiful in the world. , The representative of Danxia landscape with diverse ecological environment and the best landscape configuration. These ingenious works are those honeycomb-shaped traces, which are not carved by human hands, but are naturally weathered. It takes thousands of years of refining to carve out a unique boulder.

3: Wanfo Mountain, Huaihua, Hunan

Wanfo Mountain Scenic Area in Hunan Province is located in Taipingyan Village, Linkou Town, Daotong Dong Autonomous County, 20 kilometers away from the county seat of Shuangjiang. It is one of the largest Danxia peak forest landforms in the country. Wanfoshan Scenic Area is known as the "Green Great Wall" by geographers. In the Danxia landform stretching 168 square kilometers, there are five scenic spots, Wanfo Mountain, Shenxian Cave, Qixing Mountain, Jiangjun Mountain and Ziyun Mountain. Among them, there are 8 major scenic spots, 46 wonderful scenic spots and more than 510 geological relics in the Wanfoshan Danxia landform area.

4: Langshan, Shaoyang, Hunan

The Langshan Danxia landform is vivid and lifelike in shape, with different types and different modalities. The ups and downs are dynamic, the scene is colorful, the shape is changed with each step, and the shape, color and temperament are harmonious and harmonious. Langshan Scenic Spot, formerly known as Niubizhai Scenic Spot, is named for the many stone holes in the east that are shaped like ox noses in pairs. Legend has it that when Emperor Shun visited Langshan in the south, when he saw the strange landscape here, he gave him the word "Lang", which means good mountains. Coordinates: West of Langshan Avenue, Xinning County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province.

5: Zhangye, Gansu

In Zhangye Danxia Geopark, stroll through the colorful Danxia at dusk. The most striking thing about the colorful Danxia landform is the color, which is even more changeable at dusk. Zhangye's most famous colorful Danxia is even more famous because of Zhang Yimou's "Three Guns Shooting the Table Surprise". A layer of yellow, a layer of red and a layer of light earthy gray, with distinct layers and twists and turns. The red is like fire, the yellow is like gold, and the gray is like steel. Coordinates: Nantai Village, Nijiaying Township, Linze County, Zhangye City.

6: Danxia Mountain, Shaoguan, Guangdong

The Danxia Mountain Global Geopark in Shaoguan, Guangdong is a national 5A-level scenic spot, also known as "China Red Stone Park". The park is located at the junction of Renhua and Qujiang counties in Shaoguan City. These mountain peaks uplifted by geological movements have horizontal lines scoured by rivers between the mountainsides, and the exposed mountain rocks are red, looking like red clouds from a distance, so it is named "Danxia Landform". Danxia Mountain is hundreds of miles in circumference, majestic, treacherous, and strangely shaped.

7: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian

Fujian Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is world-famous for its beautiful peaks, beautiful waters, secluded valleys, and dangerous ravines. People come from thousands of miles to appreciate the perfect combination of clear water and Danshan, as well as the organic integration of humanities and nature here. When you come to Wuyi Mountain, the most not to be missed is Jiuquxi Bamboo Rafting. Tourists travel slowly on the ancient bamboo raft, which is stable and comfortable, with a wide field of vision, mountain views, and water colors, as if falling into a tranquil and mythical landscape painting.

8: Fujian Taining Danxia

Taining Danxia landform is located in Taining County, Sanming City, Fujian Province. The core area is 11,086.85 hectares, and the buffer area is 12,401.09 hectares. Where the Danxia story begins". The Taining Danxia landform was developed on the basis of the Cretaceous red bed basin formed 65 million years ago. It retains a complete and significant ancient plane, and forms a unique network of valleys and dense rudimentary Danxia. The Xiafeng Cong has developed a group of canyons that criss-cross. At the same time, the surface of the Danxia rock formation has developed cave landscapes of different shapes and sizes.

9: Jianglang Mountain, Quzhou, Zhejiang

Jianglang Mountain is said to be the three giant rocks Langfeng, Yafeng and Lingfeng that three brothers named Jiang climbed to the top of the mountain in ancient times. They are arranged in the shape of "Chuan" from north to south, more than 360 meters high, majestic and strange like a knife. The axe is known as "the best in the world, the most beautiful in the southeast". Jianglang Mountain, known as "the majestic and the most beautiful in the world and the most beautiful in the southeast", is also known as Lingshi Mountain and Xulang Mountain.

10: Tianshan Kuqa Grand Canyon

Kuqa Grand Canyon is also known as Kizilia Grand Canyon. "Kizilia" means "red cliff" in Uyghur language. Indeed, here is a continuous three-dimensional picture with red as the main color. With the deepening of the steps, no matter who will sigh that everything is a work of magic. Zhangye to the west, north-northwest of Xinjiang, Altay will show a kind of magnificence when the sun is setting. Coordinates: Beside National Highway 217, 72 kilometers north of Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang.

11: Xinjiang Altay Colorful Beach

A river is separated by two banks, and there are two heavens of freedom. Wucai Beach is located in Burqin County, Altay Region, Xinjiang, in the Irtysh River Basin, a typical Yadan landform. Its lava surface is silt-like and consists of purple, red, yellow and green colors, which are dust-free and gorgeous. Coordinates: Southeast of Weizhou Island, Haicheng District, Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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