China's top ten dinosaur fossils

Archaeologists have unearthed many dinosaur fossils on the land of China. The number, type, integrity, preservation and scientific value of these dinosaur fossils all occupy a place in the world of dinosaur research, and they have become a veritable dinosaur country. It has been recognized and affirmed by archaeological researchers in the world.

Top 1: Heilongjiang Manchuria dragon

The Heilongjiang Manchuria dragon was discovered in Jiayin, Heilongjiang in 1902, and is known as "China's first dragon". Later, the fossil was transported to Russia. In 1930, it was named Heilongjiang Manchuria dragon. The Heilongjiang Manchuria dragon original fossil is now in the St. Petersburg Geological Museum, Russia.

Top 2: Shishi Panzulong

Shishi Panzuosaurus was discovered by Austrian Shitanski and Chinese geologist Tan Xichou in Mengyin, Shandong from 1922 to 1923. The fossil was transported to Uppsala University in Sweden and named Shishipan in 1929. Foot dragon, it was the first sauropod dinosaur in China.

Top 3: Xu's Lufeng Dragon

Xu's Lufengsaurus was discovered in Lufeng, Yunnan in 1938. It was the first dinosaur to be discovered, excavated, researched and exhibited by Chinese people.

Top 4: Spiny-nosed Qingdao Dragon

The spiny-nosed Qingdao dragon was discovered in Laiyang, Shandong Province in 1950. It was the first dinosaur fossil discovered after the founding of New China.

Top 5: Hechuan Mamenchisaurus

Hechuan Mamenchisaurus was discovered in Hechuan, Sichuan in 1957. It is the first longest dinosaur on display in China, measuring 22 meters in length.

Top 6: Giant Shandong Dragon

The giant Shandong dragon was discovered in Zhucheng, Shandong in 1964. It is the largest hadrosaurus on display in the world, measuring 14.7 meters in length.

Top 7: Taibai Huayang Dragon

Taibai Huayang dragon was discovered in Zigong, Sichuan. It is the most primitive and best preserved stegosaurus discovered in the world.

Top 8: Primitive Chinese Birdsaurus

The original Chinese Ornithosaurus was discovered in Beipiao, Liaoning. It is the most complete "feathered dinosaur" found in the world. It provides evidence for the relationship between dinosaurs and birds.

Top 9: Liujiaxia Yellow River Dragon

The Liujiaxia Yellow River Dragon was discovered in the Lanzhou Basin of Gansu Province. It is the world's largest sauropod dinosaur found intact and preserved.

Top 10: Gu's Microraptor

Gu's Microraptor was discovered in Beipiao, Liaoning. It is the world's most complete, smallest, four-winged dinosaur. It may be an arboreal, which provides evidence for the evolution of small dinosaurs to birds.

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