Top 10 Chinese-made weapons

In recent years, China has added a lot of high-tech weapons to its arsenal, including various arms of the sea, land, air and Second Artillery.

1: J-20 Fighter

The J-20 fighter jet is the most advanced stealth heavy-duty fighter jet of the PLA at present. According to the analysis of foreign media, its combat capability exceeds that of the F-35 series fighter jets currently equipped by the United States. The US mass-produced stealth fighter is also China's only active stealth fighter.

2: Liaoning and Shandong aircraft carriers

The Liaoning is a domestically produced aircraft carrier based on the Ukrainian Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier Varyag introduced by my country. It is a medium-to-large conventional ski-jump aircraft carrier. Shandong is an aircraft carrier that my country has fully absorbed the technical indicators of the Liaoning aircraft carrier combined with its own technology. It is also the first self-built domestic aircraft carrier in my country. Compared with Liaoning, its performance has improved. Currently, Shandong and Liaoning are both active in the Navy. aircraft carrier.

3: 055 Destroyer

The 055 destroyer is the most powerful destroyer of the PLA. It has strong regional air defense capabilities, long-range anti-ship capabilities and ground attack capabilities. It is also the first large destroyer launched by the PLA with a displacement of more than 10,000 tons. Its comprehensive performance has surpassed that of the United States. Japanese ships of the same type.

4: Yun 20 Transporter

The Yun-20 transport aircraft is the first large-scale transport aircraft independently developed by my country, which is of great significance. It has freed China from the predicament of being controlled by others in the field of large-scale transport aircraft. Moreover, the oil-transport 20 and subsequent early warning aircraft developed on the Yun-20 transport aircraft can be used. Enhance the overall strength of the Chinese Air Force in more areas.

5: Attack 11 Drone

Attack 11 drone is China's first stealth unmanned attack aircraft, and it is also the only stealth unmanned attack aircraft in service in the world. It has the ability to become a future J-20 or J-35 smart wingman, and can attack The enemy's air defense system and important strategic targets carry out covert strikes.

6: Yunyou-20 aerial tanker

Yunyou-20 is an improved transport aircraft on the basis of the Yun-20. It has the significant advantages of large range and more fuel. It can increase the combat radius of the Air Force fighter-bomber and is an auxiliary weapon.

7: Dongfeng 15 missile replaced with new warhead

The Dongfeng 15 short-range ballistic missile is a missile that has been in service for a long time in the People's Liberation Army. In the footage recently exposed by CCTV, we can find that the warhead of the Dongfeng 15 short-range ballistic missile is suspected to be replaced by a new type of electromagnetic pulse warhead. This warhead can be described as a power killer. All the enemy's weapons that require electricity, such as fighter jets and air defense missiles , destroyers can not withstand the impact of electromagnetic pulse weapons.

8: J-16 Fighter

The J-16 fighter jet is the most powerful multi-purpose conventional fighter jet that the People’s Liberation Army has ever equipped with. It is called the best Sukhoi improved fighter jet by the US media. The J-16 is equipped with a new type of radar avionics and weapon system. The US F-15EX is of the same level, can carry more than 10 tons of ammunition, and has super ground-to-air to sea strike capabilities. It is a versatile third-generation and half-fighter.

9: H-6K Strategic Bomber

The H-6K bomber is the latest model of the H-6. It has been replaced with new avionics equipment. It has the ability to strike the third island chain of the United States and mount ballistic missiles at a long distance. It is the only bomber of the PLA Air Force with the ability to strike across continents. One of the important components of nuclear strategy.

10: The three major ships serving in the Navy 423 at the same time

On April 23, 2021, the Navy set a record to commission three ships, namely the 075 landing ship, the 055 destroyer and the 094A strategic missile nuclear submarine. The 075 landing ship is developed by our country in response to future amphibious landing operations. At present, two ships have been in service, and one has been launched. It has the ability to carry a large number of helicopters and transport troops. The 094A strategic missile nuclear submarine, currently the most advanced nuclear submarine in my country, has the ability to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, but it is far from the United States and Russia in terms of technology, which is also one of the few obvious shortcomings of the Chinese Navy.

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