Top 10 summer resorts in China

The hot, high-temperature weather swears the sovereignty of summer. In this kind of weather, many people have no choice but to stay under the air conditioner. But if you keep on using the air conditioner, will it affect your health, and why not choose a cool place to escape the heat?

Top 1: Kunming

Kunming is a well-known "Spring City" in China. The average temperature here is 15 degrees throughout the year, and the summer in July and August can also be maintained at around 22 degrees, and the maximum temperature will not exceed 31 degrees. It is rare in China and is extremely suitable for people to live in summer, Is the first of the ten coolest cities in China.

Top 2: Changchun

Changchun has a mid-temperate continental monsoon climate. Even in the hottest month, the average temperature is only about 22 degrees. No extreme heat in summer is the biggest climate feature of Changchun. Compared with the high temperature of 38 degrees or even 40 degrees in southern cities, the cool weather has become a rare summer resource in Changchun.

Top 3: Guiyang

Guiyang is located in the Feder Circulation and is controlled by the westerly zone throughout the year. It has a subtropical humid and mild climate. The annual average temperature is 15.3°C, the annual extreme maximum temperature is 35.1°C, and the annual extreme minimum temperature is -7.3°C. Guiyang is not hot in summer. The average temperature in summer is 23.2℃, and the highest temperature averages between 25-28℃. In late July, the hottest month, the average temperature is only 23.7°C, and it is cool in the morning and evening. It is rare to see people holding fans in the streets and covering them with thin quilts at night.

Top 4: Liu pan shui

Liu pan shui, also known as the "Cool Capital of China", is located in the Wumeng Mountains of western Guizhou and is one of the six prefecture-level cities in Guizhou Province. The annual average temperature in Liu pan shui is 13℃-15℃, the average temperature in summer is 19.7℃, and the average temperature in winter is 3℃. The climate is cool, comfortable, moist and fresh, with moderate ultraviolet radiation. Waterfalls, karst caves, forests, canyons, lakes, and hot springs abound in the territory; there are strange mountains, water spirits, beautiful valleys, and beautiful stones. It is a veritable mountain park city.

Top 5: Xining

Xining is the capital of Qinghai Province and a summer resort. The annual average temperature is 5.5℃, and the average summer temperature is 17℃-19℃. The climate is pleasant. The highest temperature is 34.6℃ and the lowest temperature is minus 18.9℃. It is known as "China's Summer Capital". Xining has a long history and culture, unique natural resources, and colorful folk customs.

Top 6: Yantai

Yantai is located in the middle of the Shandong Peninsula. It has no severe cold in winter and scorching heat in summer. It is the sixth among the top ten coolest cities in China. It is surrounded by mountains and the sea. The climate is very suitable for people to live in. Together with the beautiful seashore and island scenery, it enjoys every year.

Top 7: Harbin

YanHarbin is the northernmost location in my country and the highest latitude, so it is also one of the top ten coolest cities in China. The average summer temperature here is only 23 degrees. Compared with other cities, it is much less hot and gives people more freedom.

Top 8: Lijiang

Lijiang is located on a plateau with obvious vertical climate distribution. Snowy mountains can be seen here all year round, and the rainfall is abundant. The dry and wet seasons are distinct. The average temperature of the hottest month can also be below 25 degrees. There is no sudden change of cold and heat throughout the year. There is no summer.

Top 9: Qingdao

Qingdao belongs to the temperate monsoon climate, surrounded by the sea on three sides. Due to the regulation and influence of the marine environment, it has significant maritime climate characteristics. The air is humid and the rainfall is abundant. The average temperature in August, the hottest month of the year, is only 25.3 degrees. The sea breeze blows in Qingdao.

Top 10: Arshan

Arshan City is located in the northwest of Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a forest coverage rate of more than 64% and a green vegetation rate of 95%. It has been rated as a natural oxygen bar in China. Located in the cold temperate zone, the temperature is low throughout the year, the average temperature is -8℃-5℃, the daily temperature difference is large, and the content of negative oxygen ions in the air is very high. Foreign tourists praised that "air can be canned for export", which is ideal A place for summer escape, leisure, vacation and recuperation.

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