Top 10 beautiful grasslands in China

China is one of the countries with the richest grassland resources in the world, with a total grassland area of nearly 400 million hectares. China's grasslands are mainly distributed in the northern region, which is mainly formed under the influence of temperate continental climate.

1. Hulunbuir Grassland

The most beautiful grassland is the Hulun Buir grassland, which is one of the four major grasslands in the world and is known as "the best grassland in the world". The grassland has beautiful scenery, endless green, and beautiful and rich lakes. Among them, Nuogan Lake is known as the "green lake". The lake reflects splendid colors and the grassland reflects each other. It is also worth mentioning that the Morigele River, known as "the first curved water in the world", flows through the Hulunbuir Prairie, and the river is meandering, like an azure ribbon wrapped around the grassland.

2. Xilin Guole Grassland

Xilin Guole Grassland is a pasture with rich water and grass. It is one of the four major grasslands in China. It has been rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China by "China National Geography". Xilin Guole Grassland has beautiful grassland natural scenery, simple Mongolian customs, numerous cultural relics and historic sites, and a long history and culture. It is also worth visiting the vast Duolun Lake, which is like a piece of emerald embedded in the middle of the mountains and grasslands. The mountains, lakes and grasslands complement each other.

3. Yili Grassland

Yili grassland is a general term for most of the grasslands in the Yili area of Xinjiang, the most representative of which are the Kalajun grassland and the Zhaosu grassland. Kalajun Grassland integrates natural landscapes such as snow peaks, glaciers, canyons, waterfalls, etc., showing the beauty of snow peaks and canyons, and the mosaic of forests and grasslands. It was rated as "the most beautiful three-dimensional grassland in China". Zhaosu Grassland enjoys the reputation of "Hometown of Tianma in China".

4. Malanhua Grassland

Malanhua Grassland is a tourist resort integrating sightseeing, leisure, vacation, entertainment, performing arts, health preservation and other functions. The most distinctive feature of the grassland is the splendid orchids. Every year at the end of April and early May, thousands of mu of orchids bloom proudly and dress up in the vast Gobi. Its unique purple is noble and elegant, which contrasts with the blue sea and green waves of the prairie. Autumn is the most beautiful season of Malanhua grassland, with lush pastures and strong cattle and sheep, it is worth visiting.

5. Wumeng prairie

The Wumeng prairie has an endless unique plateau grassland, ten thousand acres of plateau dwarf azalea forests, and beautiful mountain lakes full of magical colors. There is a strong ethnic culture of the Yi nationality, there is a rare natural wonder in the world - Buddha Light, and there is a set off by the powerful, strange, dangerous, steep and secluded Niu Peng Liangzi Mountain and Badan Mountain, etc. The scenery of Wumeng Prairie is more colorful.

6. Guanshan Grassland

Guanshan Grassland is a scenic area with alpine meadows as its main body and natural landscapes such as forests, grasslands, rivers, mountains, and canyons. It enjoys the reputation of "Little Tianshan". In the scenic area, the mountains are undulating without sharp peaks, the river valleys are open with the beauty of soft curves, the dense forests are full of green colors, the green grass pavement presents a beautiful and simple wind, the streams are snakes, the sky is blue and clouds are white, the air is fresh, and the landscape levels are very rich.

7. Wulagai Grassland

The Wulagai grassland is a well-preserved natural grassland with an usable area of 4,618 square kilometers, and is known as the "skyline grassland". There are primitive grasslands, lakes, wetlands, birch forests, Huanghuagou and other unique natural landscapes of grassland scenery in the territory. Wulagai Prairie has the characteristics of grassland eco-tourism such as lush flowers and plants, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It is a tourist destination for experiencing ethnic customs and viewing grassland customs.

8. Yuke Grassland

Yuke Grassland is one of the ten most beautiful grassland scenery in China. It integrates blue sky, white clouds, snow-capped mountains, trees, grasslands and streams. It is known as "Kangba Altay". The Yuke grassland is large and flat, with forests in between. It is very charming and is an extremely rare natural picture. The mountains and rivers here are beautiful, refreshing and pleasant, as picturesque as a screen of mountains and mountains, so it is also known as the "Baili Gallery".

9, Oujia Terrace

The alpine grassland in western Sichuan is rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China by "China National Geography". The grassland is 3800-4500 meters above sea level. Mountain plains and hilly plateau landforms are fully developed, flat and wide. The grassland is rich in plant species, luxuriant growth, bright flowers and colors, coupled with snow-capped mountains and white clouds, it looks like an idyllic plateau scenery. The change of seasons endows the alpine grassland in western Sichuan with boundless charm and grace.

10. Jimunai Grassland

Xinjiang Jimunai Grassland Shenshicheng Geopark consists of Shenshicheng and Qiaqihai. It is a granite rock-egg landform as the main feature, supplemented by geological tectonic landscape and Kazakh national culture and other cultural landscapes. It is a comprehensive geological park with high scientific, popular science and aesthetic appreciation value, integrating sightseeing, leisure and vacation, scientific investigation and ethnic customs experience. Here, not only can you see the sacred stone, but also the grassland and flower sea of Yimapingchuan, cattle and sheep everywhere, very original flavor.

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