China's top ten e-commerce platforms in 2022

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the e-commerce industry, social e-commerce and the layout of the sinking market have made the scale of the e-commerce industry continue to increase, the demand for e-commerce in rural markets has been continuously released, and the regional network consumption gap has continued to narrow.

1: Tmall

Tmall once used Taobao to take the lead, pays more attention to B2C, and integrates many brands and manufacturers to provide one-stop shopping services for merchants and consumers. Counterfeit goods are rampant today, and Tmall's 100% authentic promotional slogan is the secret that attracts most people's attention. Consumers are no longer just greedy for bargains, but are gradually turning to focus on shopping quality and experience, which has gradually become one of Tmall's strengths.

2: Taobao

Taobao is still the best B2C e-commerce platform in China, although negative exposures such as counterfeit and shoddy goods have made Taobao much criticized, Taobao still has a strong vitality in Alibaba's continuous reform and meets the consumption needs of many consumers.


Since officially entered the e-commerce field in 2004, the growth rate has exceeded 200% for seven consecutive years. However, after the incident in the United States in 2018, 's development was in trouble, and 's leadership was not solid. However, it always adheres to the operation of pure e-commerce model, reducing and optimizing intermediate links. We are looking forward to a strong self-built warehousing logistics service.

4: Alibaba

Jack Ma founded 1688, the predecessor of Alibaba, in 1999. Now the flagship business of Alibaba Group, 1688 is China's leading e-commerce platform for small business domestic trade. As a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, 1688 represents the interests of enterprises in the CBBS e-commerce system, providing opportunity information for tens of millions of buyers and suppliers around the world, convenient and safe online transactions, and a community space for businessmen and chamber of commerce friends to interact.

5: Vmall

Huawei Mall (vmall) is an e-commerce platform operated by Huawei. With end users as the main target, it provides a series of terminal products and services such as Huawei mobile phones, wireless Internet equipment, tablet computers, accessories, etc. It is an Internet business platform that aims to create users' mobile information life.

Top 6: Little Red Book

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Little Red Book starts with a community. At first, users focused on sharing overseas shopping experiences in the community. Later, in addition to beauty and personal care, Little Red Book also shared information on sports, travel, home furnishing, tourism, hotels and restaurants, and it involved all aspects of consumption experience and lifestyle. Today, the community has become an obstacle for Little Red Book and a place that other platforms cannot replicate.

7: NetEase Strictly Chose

In April 2016, NetEase strictly chose to officially launch. Netease strictly chooses to be a self-operated home furnishing brand of Netease, and always adheres to the brand concept of good life and not so expensive. NetEase strictly chooses to adhere to NetEase's always rigorous attitude, go deep into the world, and cooperate with the best suppliers in the world. At present, the categories strictly selected by NetEase have covered 10 categories. Starting from tapping consumer needs, customizing on demand, and participating in the whole process of control process production, it aims to provide consumers with high-quality price, goods and service experience.

8: Vipshop

Founded in 2008, Vipshop has created an innovative e-commerce model with brand-name discounts, limited-time purchases, and genuine product guarantees in China, and continues to deepen the sales model of authentic fashion products with deep discounts and limited-time purchases for selected brands. Online sales of all kinds of famous products, such as clothing, shoes and bags, beauty, mother and baby, home and so on. There are more than 30,000 cooperative brands, and more than 6,000 domestic and foreign brands have in-depth cooperation. The professional buyer team of more than 1,000 people accurately recommends high-quality products to consumers by combining personal experience, big data and intelligent analysis.

9: Meituan

Meituan Group is a market share that occupies more than 50% of the group buying market, and its turnover has maintained rapid growth. Meituan is the first group buying website in China to establish a large customer service center. Sales are growing rapidly, and customer service phone connectivity has become a very important factor in the consumer experience. Meituan's overdue exit is the first in the world, and even Groupon, the founder of the group buying site, hasn't materialized so far. Meituan has launched a worry-free after-sales service plan for group purchases, including: unconditional refunds after seven days of purchase, free orders from Meituan if consumers are not satisfied, and one-click refunds after expiration.

10: Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo is a group-focused third-party social e-commerce platform. It was established in September 2015. Users can buy high-quality goods with friends, family and neighbors at lower prices. Aims to gather the power of more people to buy better things at lower prices and experience more benefits and fun. The social concept formed through communication and sharing has formed Pinduoduo's unique new social e-commerce thinking. Pinduoduo has launched a massive 10 billion subsidy campaign that has attracted widespread attention.

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