The most of China's top ten water systems

China's river network is dense, the basin area of 100 square kilometers of rivers have more than 50,000, and a river basin area is one of the important characteristics, the size of water and basin area has a direct relationship, then which rivers in China's basin area is larger, this article for you to take stock of China's top ten basin area of the largest river, let's understand it.

Top 1: The longest river-Yangtze

The Yangtze River is a basin area of 1.807 million square kilometers, accounting for one-fifth of China's total land area of the world's largest river of water energy, is originating in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tangula Mountains, the southwestern side of the Ladan dongfeng River, has flowed through Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing and other 11 provinces of Asia's first long river.

Top 2: The largest strait-Taiwan Strait

The Taiwan Strait, which is a major sea link between North and South China, is located on the continental shelf of the East China Sea, with uneven terrain and an average depth of about 60 meters. The Strait is located in the subtropical and northern tropical monsoon climate zone. Affected by the black tide, the water temperature of the strait is higher.

Top 3: The longest canal-Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest man-made canal in the world, with a total length of about 1794 kilometers, starting in the north and Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province. As we all know, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal was re-opened by the Yuan Dynasty on the basis of the Tang Dynasty Grand Canal, for the simple reason that the capital is no longer a city. The countries of the Tang Dynasty are in Xi'an (the ancient name of Chang'an) in the Guanzhong Plain, after five generations of ten countries, no country is set in Chang'an, the establishment of the Great Unification Dynasty of the Yuan Dynasty is in the capital (present-day Beijing).

Top 4: The longest inland river-Tarim River

Tarim River is an ancient river, the 6th century A.D. history books record that the Tarim River is called metered water, this name has been used until the early Tang Dynasty.The basin covers an area of 1.02 million square kilometers. With a total length of 2,179 kilometers (and 2327,1321, the longest tributary and Tianhe as its source, a total length of 2,376 kilometers), it is China's longest inland river and the fifth largest inland river in the world.The Tarim River, the mother river in the southern Xinjiang region, and the oasis south of Tianshan are basically irrigated by the Tarim River.

Top 5: Largest lake-Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, the Tibetan name is "Tso Weinbu" (meaning "cyan sea"). Located in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Province, China's largest inland lake. It is formed by the fault fall between Datong Mountain, Sun Moon Mountain and Qinghai Nanshan Mountain. Qinghai Lake is the largest saltwater lake in Chinese mainland and an important water body to maintain ecological security in the northeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Top 6: The largest inland sea-Bohai

Bohai Sea, the northernmost coast of China, is the inner sea of the People's Republic of China, but also belongs to the category of internal water. The coastline is about 3,800 kilometers long. East-West width is about 346 km, north-south length is about 550 km. It covers an area of about 80,000 square kilometers, with an average depth of 18 meters.

Top 7: The most famous Jiang Chao-Qiantang River Tide

Qiantang River is located in Zhejiang Province, China, and eventually injected into the East China Sea, in its estuary tide is the Qiantang tide, the world is famous, every year many tourists come to see this spec. Before the tide came, the distance first presented a small white dot, turned into a wisp of silver, and accompanied by a burst of thunderous tide sound, the white line rolled to. Almost do not give people time to react, the surging tide has whizzed, the tide peak as high as 3-5 meters.

Top 8: The longest man-made Tianhe-Hongqi Canal

Red Flag Canal, located in Anyang Linzhou City, Henan Province, the national key cultural relics protection units, known as "the eighth wonder of the world." It was the project built by the people of Lin County (present-day Linzhou City) in the 1960s to draw forests from the Taihang mountainside under extremely difficult conditions, and was called the "artificial Tianhe River".

Top 9: Largest natural water hole-Benxi Water Cave

Benxi Water Cave, a national key scenic spot, the International Tourism Cave Association Asian member unit, is the world's longest underground water-filled cave, was praised as "the peak of the clock, light boat blue water poetry painting room.The water cave is a large limestone water-filled cave formed millions of years ago.

Top 10: The deepest lake-Baitou Mountain Tianchi

Baitou Mountain Tianchi, located in the Changbaishan Nature Reserve in southeastern Jilin Province, is a border lake between China and North Korea, each with a portion of the water. Tianchi is about 4400 meters long north-south, east-west width is about 3370 meters, its water altitude is 2189.1 meters, the deepest is 373 meters, the average 204 meters, the surface area of 9.82 square kilometers, the circumnorial length of 13.1 kilometers. According to changbaishan Jianggang Zhili record: "Tianchi in the center of Changbai Mountain peak, surrounded by peaks, about 20 miles from the ground, so called Tianchi."

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