Top 13 Chinese Scientists

China's top 10 scientists, they are monuments of history, for the country and the people have made indelible contributions. Among them are the father of Chinese missiles, the father of China's nuclear submarines, the father of China's hydrogen bombs, the father of the world's hybrid rice, the father of China's nuclear submarines and so on.

Top 1: Deng Jiaxian - Famous nuclear physicist

Deng Jiaxian is my country's outstanding scientist, nuclear physicist, and the father of China's "two bombs". From 1948 to 1950, he studied at Purdue University in the United States. After obtaining a doctorate in the United States, the United States gave him good conditions and favorable treatment. I hope he can work in the United States for a long time. However, Deng Jiaxian did not sway his determination to return to work in the motherland because of the high-ranking officials.He worked incognito for 28 years and devoted himself to making major contributions to the major breakthroughs and development of nuclear weapons in my country.

Top 2: Hua Luogeng - Famous mathematician

Hua Luogeng is a world-renowned mathematician in China, and the founder and pioneer of Chinese analytic number theory, matrix geometry, canonical groups, and self-secure function theory. The fate of the teenager was bumpy, but he studied hard by himself and published a mathematics paper in Science magazine at the age of 18.He has made outstanding research results throughout his life, and has written more than 10 books and more than 200 papers. He vigorously promoted and popularized the "optimization method" and the "overall planning method" throughout his life, and made an indelible contribution to the technological progress of my country's national industry.

Top 3: Famous geologist Li Siguang

Li Siguang is a world-renowned scientist, paleontologist, stratigrapher, tectonologist, Quaternary glaciologist, geologist, educator and social activist, and the founder of modern earth science and geological work in my country.It pioneered an earthquake prediction approach combining active structural research and in-situ stress observation. The "Astronomy, Geology, and Paleontological Data" published in his later years had a profound impact on the advocacy of my country's disciplinary crossover. He has made great contributions and immortal contributions to China's geological education, geological sciences, and geological undertakings.

Top 4: Famous physicist Zhou Peiyuan

Zhou Peiyuan is a well-known fluid mechanic, theoretical physicist, educator and social activist in my country, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and one of the founders of modern mechanics and theoretical physics in China.As the first person in China to study Einstein's theory of relativity and is unique, Zhou Peiyuan has made significant achievements in the study of gravitation in Einstein's general theory of relativity and turbulence theory in fluid mechanics.He once published an important paper entitled "On Speed Correlation and the Solution of Turbulence Fluctuation Equations", and proposed two methods for solving turbulent motion, which attracted wide international attention, and then formed a "turbulence model theory" in the world.

Top 5: .Famous physicist Qian Sanqiang

Qian Sanqiang is a well-known nuclear physicist in my country, the founder and founder of China's atomic energy science, the father of China's atomic energy science, the "father of China's two bombs", and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Member).Leading the completion of China's first heavy-water atomic reactor and the first cyclotron, enabling my country's scientific research work on reactor physics, reactor engineering technology, high-energy accelerator technology, and controlled thermonuclear fusion to be rapidly carried out.

Top 6: Qian Xuesen - Famous physicist

Qian Xuesen is an important pioneer and one of the main founders of human aerospace science and technology, a world-class authority in the field of aviation, the third generation of aerodynamics, the founder of engineering cybernetics, and applied mathematics in the twentieth century. And a leader in the field of applied mechanics-called the most outstanding scientist in the field of applied science in the twentieth century.

Top 7: Su Buqing

Su Buqing, an outstanding mathematician and educator in China. He used to be professor, director, and dean of the Department of Mathematics of Zhejiang University, professor and president of Fudan University, vice chairman of the Chinese Mathematical Society, member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and member of the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Top 8: Famous nuclear physicist Wang Ganchang

Wang Ganchang is a well-known nuclear physicist in China, one of the founders and pioneers of Chinese nuclear science, and a senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.He dedicated his life to the motherland and people. Wang Ganchang is the main founder and pioneer of China's experimental nuclear physics, cosmic ray and elementary particle physics research. He enjoys a high international reputation and is known as the "father of China's nuclear weapons." ", "The Father of China's Atomic Bomb."

Top 9: Famous mathematician Wu Wenjun

A well-known mathematician in China, one of the founders of China's mathematical mechanization research, and a pioneer in the field of international automatic reasoning.Under the background of the great development of computer technology, he inherited and developed the tradition of ancient Chinese mathematics (that is, algorithmic thinking), and turned to the study of machine proofs of geometric theorems, which completely changed the face of this field and is a pioneer in the international automatic reasoning field. The work is called "Wu Method".

Top 10: Famous nuclear physicist Zhao Zhongyao

Zhao Zhongyao is a famous contemporary nuclear physicist and educator in my country, a pioneer in China's nuclear physics research, and one of the pioneers of China's nuclear industry.Zhao Zhongyao has developed my country's vacuum technology, high-voltage technology, and ion source technology, laying the foundation for accelerator and nuclear physics research. He also brought out a group of young talents who made major contributions to my country's nuclear physics.

Top 11: Zhu Kezhen

Zhu Kezhen is an outstanding scientist and educator in my country, a well-known contemporary geographer and meteorologist, a member of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the founder of modern Chinese geography and meteorology.

Top 12:Famous bridge expert Mao Yisheng

Mao Yisheng is a well-known bridge scientist, civil engineer, engineering educator, and social activist in China. He is the founder of modern Chinese bridge engineering and the pioneer of modern Chinese bridge industry.On January 9, 2006, on the 110th anniversary of his birth, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the asteroid number 18550 discovered by Chinese scientists on January 9, 1997 would be permanently named "Mao Yisheng".

Top 13:Famous agricultural scientist Yuan Longping

Yuan Longping is an outstanding contemporary agricultural scientist in China, the founder of hybrid rice research in China, the director of the China National Hybrid Rice Working Technology Center, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a chief consultant of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a foreign academician of the American Academy of Sciences, and a world-renowned "father of hybrid rice."

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