Ranking of the ten strongest founding emperors

The founding emperor was the emperor who created the feudal dynasty, that is, the first generation of the feudal emperor.

Top 1: Qin Shihuang

An emperor through the ages. Qin Ruishi rode all over the six countries and unified the world, ending the long-term chaos since the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, and establishing the first unified centralized state in history. Unify writing, currency, weights and measures, attack the Huns from the north to seize the Hetao area, and conquer Baiyue to the south.

Top 2: Yang Jian

Ended the three or four hundred years of war in China since the Jin Dynasty, and re-established a powerful unified dynasty. The imperial examination system and the system of three provinces and six departments initiated by Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty had a great influence on later generations. During his tenure, he divided the Turks and split the powerful Turks into the East and West Turks, which played an extremely important role in stabilizing the Sui and Tang regimes. He is highly regarded by the West, and he is honored as the "Holy Khan".

Top 3: Liu Bang

Su Che "an ancient hero, but Emperor Han Gao could not reach his husband." Shi Le "If I meet the emperor, I will act in the north. If I meet Guangwu, I will be driven in the Central Plains. I don't know who will kill the deer." Liu Bang and Liu Xiu, history Look at Liu Bang's still more.

Top 4: Liu Xiu

Although he is a descendant of Liu Bang, he was also a commoner by his time. Good at winning more with less, winning by surprise. The Battle of Kunyang is a miracle in the history of war. He has continued Dahan's foundation for nearly 200 years.

Top 5: Zhu Yuanzhang

If you want to compare Liu Bang and Liu Xiu, his birthplace is the lowest, but he was able to sweep the world from the slightest, ending the rule of Mongol and Yuan, uniting the whole country, and establishing the power of the Han nation. The two emperors of Shunzhi and Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty gave Zhu Yuanzhang a very high evaluation: "The wise monarchs of the past are like Hongwu" and "Hongwu is the lord of heroes and heroes."

Top 6: Liu Yu

Southern Dynasty Song Gaozu, posthumous posthumous emperor Wu. He is the descendant of Liu Bang’s younger brother Liu Jiao. He pacified Sun En and Huanxuan internally, and eliminated the separatist forces such as Huanchu, Xishu, Lu Xun, Liu Yi, and Sima Xiuzhi, and brought a unified situation in the south that has not been seen in a century; eliminated externally. Nanyan, Hou Qin and other countries surrendered Qiu Chi, and used the Yueyue Array to break the Northern Wei Dynasty, regain Huaibei, Shandong, Henan, Guanzhong and other places, and restore Luoyang and Chang'an. Known as "the first emperor of the Southern Dynasty".

Top 7: Zhao Kuangyin

Chen Qiao mutiny established the Great Song Dynasty, and successively destroyed the southern separatist regimes such as Jingnan, Wuping, Houshu, Southern Han and Southern Tang, and completed the reunification of most of the country.

Top 8: Tang Gaozu Li Yuan

The pioneer and founder of the Datang Empire, although not as radiant as his son Li Shimin, can be called a generation of heroes.

Top 9: Shi Le

Zhao's founding emperor in the Sixteen Kingdoms period, a legend from slave to emperor. The post-Zhao he established was the most powerful country in the north at that time.

Top 10: Tuoba Kyu

The founding emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty defeated the surrounding powerful enemies one after another, and the tribes south of the Yellow River returned to the Northern Wei Dynasty one after another, and then competed with Houyan and Qin for hegemony in the north and dominated northern China.

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