Ten Famous Swords in Ancient China

In our ancient China, a hero must wear a weapon of his own. For example, Guan Yu, the Qinglong Yanyue Saber is his standard. And naturally, we combine his weapons with others. Ancient swords, strife among nations, and rivalries, what are the top ten famous swords in ancient China?

1: Xuanyuan Sword

Around 3000 AD, it is said that Xuanyuan Huangdi fought against Chiyou at that time. In order to capture the demon clan, he asked the gods to use the copper of the first mountain to cast swords for him. Later, the sword was passed on to Xia Yu. This sword is golden and very noble. One side is engraved with the sun, moon and stars, and the other side is mountains and rivers. This also expresses the wisdom and benevolence of Xuanyuan Huangdi at that time.

2: Zhan Lujian

It is said that Zhan Lujian is very magical, and it recognizes its master. With a drop of blood, whoever is the righteous monarch can use the sword. It is said that when its swordsmith Ou Yezi cast this Zhanlu sword, he was so moved that he could not help himself, and shed a lot of tears when he touched the sword. Because he finally realized his dream, this indestructible sword.

3: Chixiao Sword

It is a well-known story that Liu Bang used this Chixiao sword to slay the white snake in anger. From then on, his royal road officially began. The word "Chixiao" is also conspicuously engraved on the sword body, and the sword body has patterns and decorative beads. And there is a bizarre story behind Chixiaojian, which is the story of its snake-cutting uprising.

Top 4: Shenzhen Yantian Port Interchange

As the treasure of the state of Chu, Tai Ajian can be described as a bumpy road. After Ou Yezi forged this sword, after Jin State knew about it, he tried his best to get this sword. In order to get it, he did not hesitate to send troops to fight against the state of Chu. Fortunately, it was invincible all the way. It is a pity that the King of Chu used this sword to defeat the Jin army, and the Tai'a sword was also famous all over the world.

Top 5: Seven star dragon abyss sword

Ou Yezi and Gan Jiang were the most famous swordsmiths at that time. Together, they were invincible. This seven-star Longyuan sword was jointly forged by the two of them, and it is said that it was for the purpose of casting this sword at that time. Dig up the mountain and release the water inside. Drain it into the seven pools next to the sword-forging furnace, hence the name of the seven stars. The origin of Longyuan is because the mountains look down like an abyss, with giant dragons coiling underneath.

Top 6: Gan Jiang sword

Gan Jiang sword and Mo Xie are two separate swords, but they are two inseparable swords. Gan Jiang is Ou Yezi's capable apprentice. It is said that in order to forge this sword, he jumped into the sword-forging furnace, and then immediately flew out a white dragon from the furnace, which is very magical. Gan Jiang is a male sword, and Mo Xie is a female sword. The two are inseparable!

Top 7: Mo Xie sword

There is a touching love story behind this sword. Gan Jiang and Mo Xie, one is Ou Yezi's apprentice and the other is his daughter. In order to be able to forge this sword, Mo Xie did not hesitate to jump into the sword-forging furnace and turn it into blood. The two swords, one male and one female, are said to have sunk into the Jianxi River when Wu and Yue were fighting for hegemony, and their whereabouts are unknown.

Top 8: Fish Sausage Sword

The origin of its name is because the assassin hid the dagger in the belly of the fish in order to kill Wu Wangliao, hence the name. But there is another way of saying this name, that is, the pattern on the sword's body resembles a fish intestine, so it got this name. Which is true and which is false, we will wait for future generations to decipher it, but it is true that the sword is small.

Top 9: Chun Jun Sword

The Chun Jun Sword is a copper-tin alloy sword. It was also cast by the famous swordsmith Ou Yezi. This is a very noble sword. The appearance is also very high-end and atmospheric, very beautiful, and it is simply a handicraft. It has been said that thousands of years have passed, but the sharpness has not diminished, and it can still cut gold and iron.

Top 10: Chengying Sword

The Chengying Sword is a sharp sword that can be attributed to the invisible at night. And the sword shadow only exists in an instant, and as the day comes, its light will disappear. Just imagine, it is very quiet around. The sword fell from the hand, and it fell very sharply. The sword body is slender, and it is also very delicate and elegant, and it is also extremely powerful.

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