China's Ten Dinosaur Museums

Although dinosaur fossils have existed on the earth for tens of millions of years, it was not until the 19th century that people knew that such strange animals once existed on the earth. Until now, people still have an incomparable sense of mystery about the cognition of dinosaurs. Although we cannot witness the real world of dinosaurs with our own eyes, the dinosaur museum can give us a deeper understanding of mysterious animals and lead us into the world of dinosaurs.

Top 1: Zigong Dinosaur Museum

The Zigong Dinosaur Museum is a large-scale site-like museum built on the site of the world-famous "Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Group Site". It is also the first professional dinosaur museum in China and one of the three largest dinosaur site museums in the world. The Zigong Dinosaur Museum covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters, the main exhibition hall has a construction area of 6,600 square meters, and the exhibition area is 4,600 square meters. It is the core park of the Zigong UNESCO Global Geopark. The museum's collection of fossil specimens includes almost all known dinosaur species from the Jurassic period 205-135 million years ago. It is currently the place that collects and displays more Jurassic dinosaur fossils in the world, and is rated as "the best dinosaur museum in the world" by the American "National Geographic".

Top 2: Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum

Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum was built in 1997. It is famous for the "Giant Zhucheng Dragon", the holder of the Guinness World Records, in the museum. It is also known as the "Giant Dragon Museum". The giant dragon museum has a construction area of 5,400 square meters. The museum displays the world's tallest duck-billed dinosaur fossil skeleton - "giant Zhucheng dragon" (9.1 meters high and 16.6 meters long), which is praised by Chinese and foreign experts as "the world's first dragon" There are fossil skeletons such as the world's largest "Giant Zhucheng Tyrannosaurus" and the original "Zhucheng Chinese Ceratosaurus", as well as representative dinosaur fossils such as dinosaur bone fossils and egg fossils. The huge dinosaur femur fossil collected in the Wonderful Keel Hall is known as "the first strange bone in China".

Top 3: Shandong Tianyu Natural History Museum

Shandong Tianyu Natural History Museum was completed and opened in 2004, with a construction area of 32,000 square meters and an exhibition area of 28,000 square meters. Tianyu Natural History Museum has attracted attention at home and abroad with its rich collections since its establishment. More than 1,200 dinosaurs and more than 2,200 bird fossils are preserved in the museum, making it the natural museum with the most complete dinosaur and bird fossils in the world. To this end, the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have scientific research stations here, and in July 2010, they were recognized by the Guinness World Records headquarters as the world's largest collection of dinosaurs and other prehistoric Museum of animal fossils.

Top 4: Lufeng County Dinosaur Museum

Lufeng County Dinosaur Museum is a comprehensive museum. The main content of the work is to collect, protect, research, and display the paleontological fossils and historical cultural relics discovered and unearthed in the Lufeng area. At present, the permanent exhibition halls of the museum include the Dinosaur Hall, the Gold and Bronze Statue Hall, the Lufeng Blue and White Porcelain Hall, the Lufeng Historical Relic Hall and the Lufeng Stele Gallery. In addition, in Dawa Dinosaur Mountain, there are also two exhibition halls of dinosaur fossil buried form, with a total area of 945 square meters, and 251 pieces (sets) of collections are displayed.

Top 5: Heyuan Dinosaur Museum

Heyuan Dinosaur Museum, north of Guifeng Mountain, is surrounded by a large fantasy dinosaur sculpture wall with a main body height of 48 meters, a total length of 338 meters and a total span of 800 meters. And a 9-meter-high dinosaur body sculpture and 10 groups of steel dinosaur creative sculptures. The museum was officially opened to the public on November 26, 2010, with a construction area of 8,300 square meters and an exhibition area of 3,100 square meters. With dinosaurs as its theme, it mainly exhibits more than 17,000 various dinosaur egg fossils, 10 There are many individual dinosaur skeleton fossils and many dinosaur footprint fossil models, reflecting the rich dinosaur fossil resources of Heyuan City as the "Hometown of Chinese Dinosaurs".

Top 6: Lingwu Dinosaur Fossil Museum

Lingwu dinosaur fossil site has a fence protection area of 90,000 square meters, and two color steel structure protection halls of 1,000 square meters have been built. The exhibition hall of Lingwu Dinosaur Fossil Museum displays the world's largest dinosaur femur replica model and the original Asian largest dinosaur model - Sichuan Hechuan Mamenxilong replica model. The model is 22 meters long and 10 meters high. There are also animal fossils such as Bensaurus, Oviraptor and dinosaur eggs, wolf-finned fish, Qianlong, skulls of big-lipped rhinos, and turtles. Lingwu dinosaur is one of the largest known sauropod species in China, and some data such as the length of the dorsal vertebra even exceed all known dinosaur genera. Diplodocus was discovered for the first time north of the equator. Lingwu dinosaurs can be called "the first dragon in the northern hemisphere" and are national treasure-level dinosaur fossils.

Top 7: Taibai Huayang Dragon

Jiayin Shenzhou Dinosaur Museum is located in Jiayin Dinosaur National Geopark. It is a large-scale comprehensive venue that integrates popular science, entertainment, sightseeing and leisure, and closely combines natural science and human landscape. It is also a rare collection reserve in China. It is a garden hall integrated with the exhibition hall. Since its establishment, Jiayin Shenzhou Dinosaur Museum has been undertaking the important task of excavating and protecting Jiayin dinosaur fossils. Over the years, thirteen dinosaur skeletons have been assembled from dinosaur fossils excavated in Jiayin Dinosaur Mountain. Through research, it has been determined that Jiayin Dinosaur Mountain and its vicinity contain 13 kinds of dinosaur fossils, namely Heilongjiang Manzhousaurus, Jiayin Carosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dromaeosaur, Carcharodontosaurus, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, etc.

Top 8: Erenhot Dinosaur Museum

Erenhot Dinosaur Museum is the origin of dinosaur fossils in Inner Mongolia that was recorded in the international paleontology annals earlier. As early as 70 million years ago, the area around Erlian Salt Pond was full of lakes and swamps, with a humid and hot climate and dense forests. It was a paradise for dinosaurs to live and reproduce. Beginning with Russian Academician Obluchev in the 1990s, in the past 100 years, paleontologists and geologists from Russia, the United States, Canada and China have conducted six large-scale expeditions and excavations here. More than ten species of fossils of Diplodocus, Acaiosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Ornithosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Ceratosaurus have been discovered one after another, and a large number of relatively complete dinosaur skeleton fossils have been unearthed. The earliest record in China.

Top 9: Nanxiong Dinosaur Museum

The Nanxiong Dinosaur Museum is built at the foot of the Three Shadows Pagoda in Nanxiong County. The museum displays the unearthed conditions of Nanxiong paleontological fossils through physical objects, pictures and written materials, and reproduces the dinosaur world in the Cretaceous period 7,000 years ago. Many dinosaur egg fossils and dinosaur fossils are buried in the red layer of Nanxiong. The museum exhibits Tyrannosaurus rex, short-thorn Nanxiong, Nanxiong duck-billed dinosaur and nested dinosaur egg fossils.

Top 10: Gu's Microraptor

Changji Dinosaur Museum covers an area of 90 mu, with a height of 39 meters and a construction area of 8729 square meters. The first floor and the negative floor of the museum are the fossil display areas, and the first floor displays the arrow dragons and simulated dinosaurs that have been unearthed in Changji Prefecture, so that you can observe and understand dinosaurs more intuitively. The third floor is the international conference and exchange area, which is a research and exchange place for activities such as excavation, development, utilization, protection, display, scientific research, and scientific research of prehistoric culture and biology in Xinjiang. The museum mainly exhibits more than a dozen types of dinosaur fossils, including the first Asian dragon fossil unearthed in Dinogou, Qitai County in 2006.

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