Top 10 Most Luxury Hotels in China

With the rapid development of China's tourism industry, China's hotel industry has sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. Among them, luxury hotels are expensive to build, some are foreign-funded, some are joint ventures, and some are local.

1. China World Hotel

China World Hotel is a platinum five-star hotel with the reputation of "Second State Guest House". It has received dozens of heads of state and government, and has hosted hundreds of large-scale conferences and other international business activities. There are 716 guest rooms, which overlook the most famous Chang'an Avenue in Beijing.

2. Diaoyutai State Guest House

Diaoyutai State Guest House is a super-star hotel built in 1959. It is located in an ancient royal garden complex in Yuyuantan, Haidian District, Beijing. So far, this State Guest House has received thousands of foreign heads of state, heads, kings and prime ministers. , is one of the top ten best hotels in China that has attracted the attention of people and media from all over the world.

3.InterContinental Shanghai Sheshan Shimao Hotel

InterContinental Shanghai Sheshan Shimao Hotel is a natural ecological hotel invested by Shimao Group in the deep pit of Tianma Mountain in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourism Resort. It is one of the top ten architectural wonders in China that was first built in a waste rock pit following the natural environment, and was hailed as a world architectural wonder by National Geographic.

4. Grand Hyatt Shanghai Jinmao

Grand Hyatt Shanghai Jinmao is a five-star hotel located on the 53rd-78th floors of Jinmao Tower. There are 548 luxurious rooms in the hotel for consumers. Many executive suites in the hotel's Regent Club can enjoy the beautiful beach and beach. Huangpu River view and all-day refreshments, evening cocktails and breakfast.

5. Beijing Waldorf Astoria Courtyard

Waldorf Astoria Beijing is located in Jinyu Hutong, east of Wangfujing. There are 176 unique luxury rooms. The rooms perfectly integrate Western luxury with the charm of the capital, and separate work and rest. You can also enjoy an exclusive personal bespoke concierge service.

6. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort Hotel is invested and built by Shanghai Feizhou Group and designed by world-renowned architect Ma Yansong. It is the first platinum seven-star hotel in China with a refreshing ring shape, and one of the top ten distinctive hotels in China. , Approved by the Property Rights Office in 2010, the hotel's exterior design has obtained a national patent certificate, and it is a landmark building in the ninth bay of the world in Huzhou, China.

7. Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau

Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau is a five-star hotel opened in 2008 on Lisboa Road, Macau. It has 430 rooms. The exterior of the hotel was contracted by the famous Hong Kong architect Liu Rongguang and Wu Zhenmin Architects. One of the top ten architectural landmarks in Macau.

8. Aman Shanghai Yangyun Hotel

Aman Shanghai Yangyun Hotel is known as the most expensive hotel in the country. It is located on the outskirts of Shanghai. It was renovated from thirteen Ming and Qing residential buildings. It is the fourth hotel opened by Aman in China. There are Ann Spa, three restaurants, two bars and a cultural center, Nan Study.

9. Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Opened in 2011, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong has a 312-room luxury hotel. Because the hotel is located on the 103rd to 118th floors of the International Commerce Centre, it is also the highest hotel in the world. And this hotel starting from 6,000 Hong Kong dollars can not only enjoy the beautiful view of the city and Victoria Harbour in the room, but also can enjoy intimate personalized courtesy.

10. Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong is a five-star hotel opened in 1928 that integrates accommodation, catering, business, tourism and other functions. Living in the middle and high floors of this hotel can overlook the infinite view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. The most luxurious and famous hotel rooms are also bigger than ordinary hotels. The hotel is also equipped with many entertainment facilities such as business center and leisure center.

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