Top Ten Rare Landforms in China

China not only has common tectonic features, river features, coastal features, but also modern glaciers and ancient glaciers, permafrost and ice, deserts and Gobi, etc., as well as limestone features and yellow land features that reflect special rock features under certain climatic conditions.

Top 1: Anjihai Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of The Andihai, or Red Mountain Grand Canyon, is located on the north slope of Tianshan Mountain, west of Thessou County, Shawan County, Inta.The Andihai River originated in the Tianshan Mountains, through the long-term wash, in the vicinity of Tonggut rushed out of Tianshan Gorge, in the north slope of Tianshan formed a large-scale alluvial fan, the valley alluvial fan large-scale, with an umbrella to the north, can be called a geological wonder.

Top 2: Dushanzi Grand Canyon

Dushanzi Grand Canyon, known as the "Unique SecretLand, Billion Years of Wonders", is located in the Dushanzi District of Kramay City, Xinjiang, 28 kilometers south of the city, all with road access.Scenic valley bottom width of 100-400 meters, valley shoulder width of 800-1000 meters, from the valley floor to the valley shoulder height of up to 200 meters, 1070 meters above sea level, is a canyon landscape.

Top 3: Valley of Waves

Jingbian Wave Valley is located 22 kilometers southeast of Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province, Longzhou Township, the Zhaijiazhaizi, commonly known as Zhaizhaizi. From Jingbian County, a half-hour drive to Longzhou. Jingbian Wave Valley rock is called red sandstone, academically known as "sandstone", into the Paleo-Generation Ii-Triple and Meso-Generation Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous period. This is the most active geological, biological and animal life in the history of the earth.

Top 4: Yucha Grand Canyon

Ganquan Rain Fork Grand Canyon is located in Ganquan County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province. According to the examination about 10 million years ago, there was a strong earthquake here, the loess plateau of the mountains appear a crack, wide and narrow, after a long period of rain washed away, the surface gradually formed a strange canyon landscape, showing a wonderful ripple curve. The canyon is very similar to the Antelope Canyon in the United States, attracting attention and has become a favorite destination for photography enthusiasts all over the country.

Top 5: Zhangye Danxia

Zhang WeiDanxia geomorphological group, commonly known as "Zhang Yandanxia", by the "colorful Danxia" and "Ice ditch Danxia" composition. If you use words to express, only two words shock. Its imposing weight, the spectacular scene, the strange shape, the colorful, nature's ghostly work, amazing. She not only has the general Danxia strange, dangerous, but also more beautiful in color. In the square circle of more than 10 square kilometers, everywhere can be seen red, yellow, orange, green, white, green, gray, gray, gray and white and other bright colors, countless ditches, hills decorated with colorful. Zhang Yandanxia landscape with her layer of staggered lines, colorful tones, brilliant and magnificent pictures, forming a colorful fairy tale world.

Top 6: Binggou Danxia

The Tangxia Scenic Area of Binggou is an important part of Zhangyi Danxia National Geological Park, mainly distributed in Zhangyi City, Gansu Province, with The yugu flower township of Sunan County, the total area of the scenic area of 300 square kilometers, the core tourist area of about 120 square kilometers, divided into the small West Sky Landscape Area and the Great West Sky Landscape Area.

Top 7: Dunhuang Yadan Devil City

In Gansu Yumen Kansai 90 kilometers away, there is a typical appearance of the Yadan landscape community, east-west length of about 25 kilometers, north-south width of about 1-2 kilometers, in the event of wind, ghost sound Sensen, night travel turned out, people commonly known as devil city. Its whole is like a medieval ancient city, this special "castle", with walls, streets, buildings, squares, churches, sculptures, its vivid image, Vimy Wishaw, so that the world eye-opening. Yumenguan is the silk ancient road west out of Dunhuang into the western region of the north and middle of the road must pass through the gate, since ancient times for the Central Plains into the western region of the gateway.

Top 8: Qaidam Water Yadan

The vast majority of Yadan landscapes found in the world exist in extremely arid areas, and on the edge of the Chaidamu Basin in northwest Qinghai, China, there is a unique and little-known "Yadan on water"! Even the locals don't know much. Water Yadan, located in the Chaidamu Basin in Qinghai Province, Lake Genel, is the world's only water Yadan landscape, very mysterious.

Top 9: Zhijindong

Weaving Jindong, located in Guizhou Province, Wujin County official Hmong township, is located in one of the source of the Wujiang River on the south bank of the six-punch river, 120 kilometers from the provincial city of Guiyang. Geographical coordinates 26'38'31' to 26'52'35'N, 105'44'42' to 106'11'38', the park covers an area of 170 square kilometers, 900 to 1670 meters above sea level.

Top 10: Benxi Water Cave

Benxi Water Cave is located 35 kilometers northeast of Benxi City, Liaoning Province, by the water cave, hot spring temple, Tanggou, closed mountain, iron brake, temple after the mountain 6 scenic spots, melting mountains, water, caves, springs, lakes, ancient human cultural sites in one, along the Prince River is a ribbon distribution, a total area of 200 square kilometers.

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