The ten most beautiful terraced fields in China

Terraced fields carry not only human production and life, but also a fairyland on earth. The terraced fields have different scenery in different seasons, but the best time to watch the terraced fields is from November to March of the next year, because the terraced fields need to be filled with water for maintenance after the autumn harvest. At this time, the terraced fields have a strong sense of hierarchy. , sparkling in the sunlight, very beautiful.

1. Hani Rice Terraces in Yuanyang, Yunnan

Yuanyang Rice Terraces are located in the south of Ailao Mountain in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province. They are masterpieces left by the Hani people from generation to generation. The terraced fields reclaimed by the Hani people in Yuanyang vary with the terrain of the mountain and adjust measures to local conditions. Larger fields with gentle slopes are used to reclaim large fields, while those with steeper slopes are smaller and smaller fields are reclaimed. Yuanyang Terraces Four Wonders: First: large terraces with different shapes, each covering thousands of acres; Second: the terrain is steep, ranging from a gentle slope of 15 degrees to a cliff of 75 degrees. See the terraced fields; three unique: there are many stages, and at most, more than 3001 steps can be opened on one slope; four unique: high altitude, the terraced fields extend from the valley to the mountain with an altitude of more than 2002 meters, which can reach the highest limit of rice growth .

2.Guangxi Longji Rice Terraces

Such a large-scale concentration of Longji terraced fields is rare. From the rushing river valleys to the mountain tops surrounded by white clouds, from the verdant forests to the stone walls and cliffs, where there is mud, terraced fields have been opened. The vertical height is five or six miles, and the horizontal extension is five or six miles. The undulating and towering mountains are like a ladder that ascends to the blue sky step by step, like a huge abstract painting between the sky and the ground. A tourist who sees this scene will be deeply shocked!

3.Fujian Youxi Rice Terraces

Youxi Terraced Fields, the most beautiful terraced fields in Fujian, is located in Youxi Lianhe Township, Fujian. Entering the United Terraces in Youxi County is like entering a colorful fairy tale world. The cascading terraced fields are like a ladder going straight to the clouds. Standing on the mountainside, looking around, the dense terraced fields are like strings of pearls adorn the earth, and like pearls scattered in the world.

4. Jiabang Terraces, Qiandongnan, Guizhou

Jiabang Terraced Fields is a masterpiece left by the Miao people from generation to generation. The Miao nationality is a nation of "rice rice and fish soup". The rice fields of the Miao nationality are all along the mountains, which change with the changes of the mountain topography. The size and shape of the terraces are determined by the local conditions, the elevation of the hillside, the gentleness of the slope and the size of the hillside. . The largest terraced fields here are no more than one mu. Most of the fields are broken fields of "striped hills" that can only grow one or two lines of grass and "three fields with one jump of frogs". There are hundreds of acres. No matter in terms of line or overall shape, Jiabang terraced fields have absorbed the essence of terraced fields in the world. It is more beautiful than Yuanyang terraced fields in Yunnan, more spectacular and attractive than Longsheng terraced fields in Guangxi.

5. Hunan Ziquejie Terraced Fields

The Ziquejie Terraced Fields are located in the western mountainous area of Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province. The terraced fields around her are more than 20,000 mu. Its high terrain, large scale and beautiful shape can be called the highest in the world. The ecological environment of Ziquejie is beautiful, with dense terraced fields, primitive shapes, vertical and horizontal fields, smooth lines, high mountains and long waters, and staggered slab houses, fully demonstrating the natural beauty, primitive beauty, physical beauty and cultural beauty of the terraced fields, especially with the changes of the four seasons climate. , to make the terraced fields of Ziquejie more graceful and colorful, like a fairyland on earth. As high as the terraced mountains and fields in Ziquejie are, the water is so high. There is no pond or reservoir here, and there is no need to artificially divert water for irrigation. The natural artesian irrigation system is breathtaking.

6, Jiangxi Jiangling Terraced Fields

Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province is known as the most beautiful village in China. The large golden rape blossoms on the gentle slopes in spring and the red leaves of Changxi Village in autumn and winter make many people fascinated. On the high mountain with an altitude of 1,000 meters; the terraced fields are like chains, layer upon layer, the heights are scattered, magnificent and majestic; the blue sky and ancient trees are reflected on the water surface; under the terraced fields, there is a small group of pink walls and black tiles hidden in the mountain nest, which is very gentle and lovely. Dear. This is the representative of the pastoral scenery of Wuyuan. As the representative work of the pastoral scenery in "China's most beautiful countryside", "Jiangling Scenery" is not only a world-class photography base, but also reflects the closeness and harmony between man and nature due to the rational layout of ancient trees, rivers, terraced fields, farmhouses and crops. Oneness" is perfectly displayed here. In particular, the people on the top of the mountain have become the background of the scenery of the river ridge. When you look at the white walls and black tiles hidden among the yellow flowers and green trees, the clouds and mists are floating in the sky, which is like heaven and earth.

7. Jiangxi Shangpu Terraced Fields

Shangbao is located around 114° east longitude and 26° north latitude, at the southern foot of Luoxiao Mountains and nearly a hundred miles from Chongyi County. Shangbao gave birth to one of the three wonders of the country's three terraced fields - the Hakka terraces. The Shangpu terraced field community was built in the Yuan Dynasty and formed in the early Qing Dynasty, and has reached tens of thousands of acres so far. In folk words, after dozens of generations, continuous reclamation of mountains and fields has achieved a "ancestral industry", which is the oldest Hakka terraced field in the country. The main scenic spot of Shangbao terraced fields is centered on the four major areas of Shuinan, Chishui, Lianghe and Zhengjing, with nearly 30,000 mu of terraced fields in dozens of natural villages in the township. Tian Yi mountain, the high stack towers on the top of the mountain at an altitude of 1260 meters, and the low one is located in the valley at an altitude of 280 meters. Fascinating and intoxicating.

8.Western Sichuan Gaokan Terraced Fields

Gaokan is located in a remote area, where thousands of acres of terraced fields are hidden in the deep hills and are rarely known. Gaokan Township is named because it is located in the high mountains and high rocks. There are tens of thousands of acres of terraced fields in the territory, which are densely covered vertically and horizontally, and are arranged in an endless stream with magnificent momentum. It is said that a group of Bo people lived here. They knew how to produce and farm hard, and this became the main food production base of the Bo people. The Gaokan terraced fields are only a few kilometers away from the "Bo people hanging coffins" in Matang Dam in Gongxian County, and there are also "Bo people hanging coffins" in Gaokan Township, so this legend is very historical.

9. Gaoyao Terraced Fields in Danzhai, Guizhou

Gaoyao Terraced Fields is located in Gaoyao Village, Danzhai County, Guizhou Province. The landscape of more than 1,000 acres of terraced fields is located on top of a big mountain. It follows the mountain and extends from the top to the foot of the mountain. The terraced fields are also like beautiful Miao belts, decorating the majestic mountains. Hundreds of years have passed, and the hard-working children of the Miao family have worked hard here year after year, multiplying, and performing unique farming culture and earth art every year. This is an unimaginably beautiful place. Every autumn, the Gaoyao terraced fields are filled with a cheerful and pleasant golden color. Even the wind there is golden.

10. Shanxi Dazhai Terraced Fields

From the 1950s to the 1970s, under the leadership of Chen Yonggui, Dazhai Village, Xiyang County, Shanxi Province, with his own hands, transformed the poor mountains and bad waters, and transformed the seven valleys and eight beams of Hutou Mountain. Because of this transformation, Dazhai Village's corn yield per mu has increased from 100 kilograms to 600 kilograms, thus becoming a role model for Chinese agriculture. Pingshan filled ditches, and Dazhai also gained a spirit when building terraced fields, which is called "hard work and self-reliance. Although most of the Dazhai terraced fields have been returned to forests and are no longer called terraced fields, we still can't forget the spirit of its past. Now Dazhai has become a beautiful park and mountain village. The terraced fields are green, the fields and ponds are beautiful, the artificial forest is lush, and the fruit orchards are everywhere.

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