20 Mainland China full-service airlines (P1)

At the beginning of 2020, the new crown epidemic began to spread around the world, and the aviation industry was hit hard. Data source Q3 2021 CAPSE.

No.1: Xiamen Air

Xiamen Air is an airline headquartered in Xiamen, China. Xiamen Air is now the 19th official member of the international airline alliance SkyTeam. The history of Xiamen's aviation industry can be traced back to Xiamen Wutong Civil Aviation School in 1928, which was one of only three aviation schools in the Republic of China at that time. It operates more than 320 domestic and international routes, performs 3,500 to 4,000 flights per week, and carries nearly 25 million passengers annually. The main flight cities are located in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. Xiamen Air' logo is "One egret flies high"

No.2: Sichuan Airlines

Sichuan Airlines, established on September 19, 1986, headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, officially started operations on July 14, 1988. Sichuan Airlines Group is also the fifth largest airline group in mainland China. It has the largest all-Airbus fleet in China.

No.3: Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is a central enterprise headquartered in Guangzhou, China. Together with Air China Group Co., Ltd. and China Eastern Airlines Group Co., Ltd., it is collectively known as China's three major aviation groups. It mainly provides air passenger, cargo and postal services within mainland China, across the Taiwan Strait and internationally. In 2010, China Southern Airlines ranked first in China and third in the world with an annual passenger volume of 80 million, second only to American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. It was the airline with the largest number of passengers and aircraft in Asia that year.

No.4: Shandong Airlines, SDA

Shandong Airlines Group was established on March 12, 1994 and is headquartered in Jinan. Shandong Airlines currently operates more than 220 routes, with more than 700 weekly flights to more than 40 large and medium cities across the country. The three "S"-shaped curves represent the flying swallows who are good at flying and have strict discipline, and are also a symbol of unity.

No.5: Hainan Airlines, HNA

HNA is an airline headquartered in Haikou, Hainan Province, China. Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. is the first airline in China to list both A-shares and B-shares, and it is also the fourth largest airline in China. Hainan Airlines has been rated as a five-star airline by Skytrax and one of the three safest airlines in the world. Hainan Airlines was originally an airline of Hainan Province, which was registered and established in 1989.

No.6: Shenzhen Airlines

Shenzhen Airlines is an airline located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Its base is Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. It is now the largest holding subsidiary of Air China and is also a member of Star Alliance like its parent company. Shenzhen Airlines was organized on September 23, 1985, registered under the name of "Shenzhen Airlines" on October 11, 1989, named "Shenzhen Airlines" on December 24, 1992, and officially launched on September 17, 1993. The current logo of Shenzhen Airlines is the "Roc of the Nation".

No.7: Air China

Air China is one of the three major state-owned airlines in mainland China and the only flag-carrying civil airline in mainland China. It is headquartered in Beijing and based at Beijing Capital International Airport. Its predecessor, Air China, was established in 1988. Air China is the only civil airline in China that flies the national flag and a member of the world's largest airline alliance, Star Alliance. It is also responsible for the special charter missions for Chinese state leaders to visit abroad, as well as for many foreign heads of state and government.

No.8: China Eastern

China Eastern Airlines is a large Chinese central enterprise headquartered in Shanghai, referred to as China Eastern Airlines. On March 21, 2022, a Boeing 737 of China Eastern Airlines crashed, killing 132 people on board, including 123 passengers and 9 crew members.

No.9: Shanghai Airlines

Shanghai Airlines was established on December 30, 1985. It was one of the first airlines to be established with local government funds after the reform and opening up in mainland China. It was also one of the first air transport service operators completely independent of the then state-run civil aviation system. The base is located at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The original intention of Shanghai Airlines was to realize the "three links" between mainland China and Taiwan, and avoid unnecessary troubles caused by the appearance of country names and national flags on the aircraft fuselage.

No.10: Juneyao Airlines

Juneyao Airlines is a private airline in China, headquartered at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Founded in 2005, it began operating routes to mainland China in September 2006. So far, it has opened more than 100 domestic and international routes. Juneyao Airlines is a Star Alliance Connecting Partner. If a Star Alliance Gold Card member takes a Juneyao Airlines flight with a flight of an official Star Alliance member in the same itinerary, the member will enjoy the Star Alliance Gold Card treatment when taking Juneyao Airlines flight.

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