The Ten Greatest Scientists in Modern China

Scientists refer to a group of people who objectively and digitally reproduce, understand, explore and practice the unity of real nature and unknown life, environment, phenomena and related phenomena. They play a key role in the development of human society. You know China Who are the scientists?

1. Yang Zhenning

Yang Zhenning is undoubtedly one of the greatest scientists in China. He has made landmark contributions in the fields of particle physics, statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics. In 2000, "Nature" magazine In the 2000 selection of the 20 greatest physicists in history, Yang Zhenning ranked 18th, and is the only one alive. His Young Mills theory is known as the greatest development of the 20th century now, in the more than 60 years since Yang Zhenning won the Nobel Prize, 7 Nobel Prize winners have been awarded for finding the particles predicted by Yang Zhenning's "Yang-Mills gauge field theory". It is no exaggeration to say that Yang Zhen Ning monopolized the Nobel Prize in Physics for decades. Many people think that Yang Zhenning is a figure who can stand side by side with Newton and Einstein. It can be said that he represented the yellow race and broke the monopoly of white people in the field of physics for the first time.

2. Deng Jiaxian

Deng Jiaxian, a native of Huaining, Anhui, member of Jiusan Society, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, famous nuclear physicist, founder of China's nuclear weapons research, father of China's atomic bomb, pioneer and founder of China's nuclear weapons research and development, for the research and development of China's nuclear weapons and atomic weapons made an important contribution.

3. Yuan Longping

Yuan Longping is a well-known agricultural scientist among the top ten Chinese scientists, the founder and leader of China's hybrid rice industry, and is known as the "father of hybrid rice". He is committed to hybridization Research, application and promotion of rice technology, invented "three-line method" indica hybrid rice, successfully developed "two-line method" hybrid rice, created a super hybrid rice technology system, and proposed and implemented it "Planting Three-Yield and Four-High-Yield Project", using the technical achievements of super hybrid rice, published 6 monographs in Chinese and English, and published more than 60 papers, not only to solve the problem of food and saturation of the Chinese people and ensure the national food It has made contributions to food safety and has established a monument to world peace and social progress.

4. Wu Jianxiong

Among the famous Chinese scientists, Wu Jianxiong is a world-renowned female scientist. She has made worldwide contributions in the field of beta decay research. She is the first woman in China to enter the ranks of world-class physicists. Wu Jianxiong used β-decay experiments to prove parity non-conservation in weak interactions, that is to say The law of conservation of vector flow, combined with experimental research on muon, meson and antiproton physics, to verify "parity non-conservation under weak interaction", this achievement established Wu Jianxiong's status as a world-class experimental physicist, many Famous scientists are all puzzled that she did not win the Nobel Prize in Physics with Yang Zhenning and Li Zhengdao for this achievement.

5. Qian Xuesen

Qian Xuesen is the founder of China's manned spaceflight. He was awarded the "Two Bombs and One Satellite Merit Medal" and is known as the "Father of China's Aerospace" and "Father of Rockets". He has made invaluable contributions to the growth of new China. Among the older generation of scientists, the outstanding representative with the greatest influence and the most outstanding achievements is the most representative country builder among the patriotic returnees of New China, and one of the great people's scientists in the history of New China. He has pushed forward the launch of China's missiles and atomic bombs for at least 20 years, and made immortal feats for China's aerospace industry to leap into the forefront of the world.

6. Ye Qisun

Ye Qisun is recognized as the founder of modern Chinese physics and a generational master of Chinese physics. He actively founded the Department of Physics, the School of Science and the School of Magnetics of Peking University at Tsinghua University. He founded the Institute of Natural Science History together with Mr. Zhu Kezhen, and trained a large number of famous scientists, making outstanding contributions to the cause of higher education and science in our country. He has been from In his teaching and research work, he was the first to study magnetism in China. In his early years, he cooperated with W. Duan and H. H. Palmer to determine the value of Planck's constant h, and created the correct method for high-voltage magnetization. Qiang Sanqiang, Zhao Zhongyao, Ma Dayou, Zhao Jiuzhang and other famous scientists are his students.

7: Li Zhengdao

Li Zhengdao is a world-renowned scientist of Chinese descent. His research fields are very broad, including quantum field theory, elementary particle theory, nuclear physics, statistical mechanics, fluid mechanics, astrophysics, condensed matter. The work of theory and general relativity has made great achievements. Li Zhengdao in parity nonconservation, Li model, relativistic heavy ion collision (RHIC) physics, and non-topological soliton field theory, etc. Known for contributions to the field. In 1956, in cooperation with Yang Zhenning, he proposed "the theory of parity non-conservation in weak interactions", and jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1957.

8. Wu Dayou

Wu Dayou is one of the greatest scientists in China and is known as the father of Chinese physics. He devoted his life to scientific research and education and made great contributions to the development of Chinese science. The physics community enjoys a high reputation. During his eight years of teaching at the Southwest Associated University, Wu Dayou was mainly responsible for subjects such as electromagnetism, modern physics, quantum mechanics and classical mechanics, etc. He has bred many outstanding talents, Li Zhengdao and Yang Zhenning are the most famous two of them. Two of his researches paved the way for later work, one is the calculation of the f-state of heavy atoms, The other is the calculation of the electronic excited state of the closed shell.

9. Kao Kun

Kao Kun is known as the "Father of Optical Fiber", "Father of Optical Fiber Communication" and "Godfather of Broadband". Since 1957, Kao has been engaged in the research on the application of optical fiber in the field of communication. Played a leading role in the early days of commercial realization, in 1969 Kao measured the inherent loss of fused silica at 4 dB/km, the first in the effectiveness of ultra-clear glass in transmitting signals evidence. Driven by his efforts, the world's first 1-kilometer-long optical fiber came out in 1971, and the first optical fiber communication system was launched in 1981. He devoted his life to science and education It is the pioneer of optical fiber technology and has made epoch-making contributions to the progress of human science and technology.

10. Wang Ganchang

Wang Ganchang is one of the founders and pioneers of China's nuclear science. In 1964, he independently proposed the idea of using laser targeting to achieve nuclear fusion. One of the founders of the study. As one of the main scientific and technological leaders of China's nuclear weapons research and development, and a pioneer of nuclear weapons research and testing, he guided and participated in the development of China's atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. He is the chairman of the Atomic Bomb Cold Test Technical Committee. He directed China's first underground nuclear test, and led and specifically organized China's second and third underground nuclear tests.

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