Top ten beautiful women in ancient China

The top ten beauties of ancient China, including the four ancient beauties known to women and children, Xi Shi of Shen Yu, Diao Chan of the closed moon, Wang Zhaojun of Luo Yan, and Concubine Yang Gui of shame. The other six are Feng Xiaolian, who is a collection of three thousand favorites, Su Daji, a demon, Zhao Feiyan, who has a miserable fate, Zheng Dan.

Top 1: Xishi

Xishi, famous Yiguang, was born in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province during the Warring States period. Born beautiful, five official integrity, pink peach blossoms, looks super-beautiful. Sisch is a gauze woman, she in the river yarn, the clear river reflects her beautiful figure, making him look more beautiful, at this time, the fish saw her reflection, forgot to swim, gradually sank to the bottom of the river. Since then, Xishi this "sink fish" of the name spread.

Top 2: Diao Chan

People from Shanxi Andizhou (present-day Luzhou). Is the late East Han Dynasty, the song of the king, the national color of heaven, there is the appearance of the city. Legend has it that when the dragonfly worshipped the moon in the back garden, the wind suddenly blew, and a cloud covered the bright moon. At this time, Wang promised to see. Wang Yun to promote how beautiful his daughter looks, when people say, my daughter and the moon than beautiful, the moon than, hasten to hide behind the clouds, therefore, the dragonfly is also known as "closed moon."

Top 3: Wang Zhaojun

Wang Wei, No. Zhaojun, Nanxian (present-day Xingshan County, Hubei Province) people. Wang Zhaojun's historical achievements, not only her initiative and relatives, but also the main thing is that after her out, so that the Han Dynasty and Hunnu good, border plug smoke extinguished for 50 years, strengthen the national unity between the Han and Hunnu peoples, is in line with the interests of the Han and Hunnu people. Zhaojun in an autumn high-spirited day to bid farewell to the homeland, the journey north. Along the way, the horse hissed and teared her heart and liver; She sat on top of her, stirred the strings, and played a sad parting song. Nanfei's big dragonfly heard the pleasant sound of the piano, saw riding in the immediate world of this beautiful woman, forget to swing wings, fell to the ground. From then on, Zhaojun had to come to the "falling" of the name.

Top 4: Yang Guifei

Princess Yang, formerly known as Yang Yuhuan, Tang Dynasty Puzhou Yongle people (Shanxi Yongji people). Know the rhythm of sound, can sing and dance. Originally for Tang Xuanzong's 18th son of the king's princess, Tang Xuanzong saw Yang Yuhuan's appearance, want to be included in the palace for female Taoist, the number is too true. When Yang Yuhuan entered the palace, he missed his hometown. One day, she went to the garden to see the flowers scattered, saw the blooming peony, the monthly season ... Want to be locked in the palace, vain youth, sigh, to the blooming flowers said: "Flowers, flowers!" When do I have a day when you're old and in full bloom? "There were tears. As soon as she touched the flower, the petals shrunk and the green leaves rolled down. Which thought, she touched the shy grass. At this time, was seen by a palace. Miyagi said everywhere, Yang Yuhuan and flowers than beautiful, flowers are shy bowed their heads. So there is the allusion of the shy flower.

Top 5: Feng Xiaolian

Feng Xiaolian can be said to be the most famous woman among the princesses of the Northern Qi Dynasty. She is a famous beauty in Chinese history, whose name closely follows the four ancient beauties. Feng Xiaolian was the concubine Shu concubine of Gao Wei, the queen of the Northern Qi Dynasty. She was originally the maid next to Queen Mu Huanghua. She only later jumped onto the branch as a phoenix, and she was a favorite of three thousand people. Her coquettishness and absurdity caused the fate of the Northern Qi Empire to fall.According to the "Northern History" record: Feng Xiaolian was "wise, able to play the piano, singing and dancing." She is a smart, beautiful, and talented woman.

Top 6: Su Daji

Daji, the favorite concubine of the last monarch of the Shang Dynasty in China, King Shang Zhou, known as a generation of enchanting girls. Legend has it that he was surnamed Su, but there are different opinions about the origin of Su: one theory believes that his father is the prince Suhu; another theory is that Daji came from a tribe called Su.

Top 7: Zhao Feiyan

Zhao Feiyan, formerly known as Yizhu, a native of Jiangdu (now Yangzhou), was the daughter of Zhao Lin and the queen of Emperor Liu Yu of the Han Dynasty. ". When Emperor Cheng entered the palace, it was Jieyu and later became the queen. After Emperor Ping ascended the throne, he was deposed as a common man and committed suicide.

Top 8: Zheng Dan

It is said that Zheng Dan and Xi Shi live across the river and rarely meet each other. Zheng Dan usually listens to the old people talking about how beautiful Xi Tzu looks, and he wonders to himself: He is already beautiful. This Xi Tzu is so praised by others, maybe he looks more beautiful than himself, why not take the time to see her, Bibi sees who is beautiful. People did not know the result of Zheng Dan and Xi Shi Bimei, but according to legend, the two sisters came to the four-eye well outside the village hand in hand that day, sitting on the well platform while talking and taking pictures. I saw two pairs of bright eyes and 4 phoenix eyes in the water, smiling and looking forward to each other, illuminating the bottom of the black hole.

Top 9: Bao Si

Zhou Youwang and Bao Si, the favorite concubine of Western Zhou Youwang, whose birth and death year are unknown. Bao Si was originally an abandoned baby who was adopted by a couple who was engaged in a small business. He grew up in Baoguo (now northwest of Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province). In 1979 BC (the third year of King Zhou You), King Zhou You's conquest was praised. In the country, the praiser offered beautiful praises and begs to surrender. You Wang loves like a jewel in his palm. He becomes a concubine and dominates the Zhou palace. In the following year, Baosi gives birth to her son Bofu (as an uncle). With the prince, he was appointed as the queen, and Libo served as the prince. Zhou Taishi Boyang sighed: "The Zhou royal family has already faced a catastrophe. This is inevitable."

Top 10: Zhen Mi

Chen Qi, Zhongshan no pole man, Han Taibao Screening's descendants, father official supreme Cai Ling. Three years old lost his father, nine-year-old can read the ceremony, understand the past success or failure. The "twisted" hairstyle she invented was beautiful. According to the carrier: she first entered the Wei Palace, there is a green snake in the palace, she groomed every day, the snake is wrapped in shape, she imitated and combed into a hairstyle, every day with the serpentine changes and comb hair different, named "spiritual snake."

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