Ranking of China's Top Ten Overpasses

China’s overpasses are also very famous in the world. Basically, the world’s largest, most complex, and tallest overpasses are all in China. At the same time, China’s overpasses are still being built, constantly setting new world records. We all know that China is densely populated, and most of them are Concentrated in the city, dense buildings, and vehicles make the city congested, so the overpass has become particularly important.

Top 1: Shanghai Puxi Viaduct

The only six-story overpass in the world consists of three parts in total. There are 6 large interchanges and 41 up and down ramps along the line, which connect the elevated roads with the ground roads. It is a high bridge road that runs through the southwest and north of Pudong.

Top 2: Chongqing Huangjuewan Overpass

The most complex overpass in China and even the world has a five-story structure design, connecting 8 directions and 20 ramps in total.

Top 3: Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Avenue Interchange

A very majestic overpass in Zhengzhou, Henan, costing a total of 650 million yuan. This overpass was originally built to divert urban traffic, but it has become a well-known "blocking point" in the urban area of Zhengzhou.

Top 4: Shenzhen Yantian Port Interchange

Shenzhen’s largest multi-storey overpass, this transportation hub is not complicated, most of them have straight roads, and the night view of Shenzhen’s Yantian Port overpass is also very beautiful.

Top 5: Beijing Xizhimen Overpass

This overpass was built earlier. Due to the large population of Beijing, it is very congested here during the morning peak hours.

Top 6: Guiyang Qianchun Overpass

The overpass with the largest drop in China, and the design is also very complicated, and there is one wrong way, that is, Guiyang one-day tour.

Top 7: Tianjin PetroChina Bridge

It is also called "twist" by netizens. You can imagine the complexity and distortion of this overpass. It adopts a four-layer overpass design and is famous for its large arc.

Top 8: Xinzhuang Overpass

It is also known as "Asia's No. 1 Overpass". It not only connects with local highways, but also connects with five expressways.

Top 9: Binhai Overpass

It has a building area of 88,000 square meters, with a three-layer alfalfa leaf interoperable special design.

Top 10: Qingdao Liuting Overpass

Qingdao’s "Avalokitesvara of Thousand Hands", complicated branch roads and signs, if you go up for the first time, you can be stunned by accident.

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