China's top ten Internet company

The top ten Internet companies in 2020 are also considered to be a big reshuffle, but as the "B" Baidu among the Big Three BAT, it has gradually fallen behind. Recently, it has become a "muddy water" because of the acquisition of YY and the launch of live broadcasts.

Top 1: Tencent

As one of the Big Three, no one can surpass its top position. Tencent provides comprehensive Internet services and has the largest number of customers in China. We provide diversified services such as WeChat, QQ, and Tencent Video. He can be seen in all walks of life.

Top 2: Alibaba

This year, Alibaba secured its position as the largest technology company in China and even Asia by market value with HK$5.84 trillion. Although Jack Ma retired last year, it did not have much impact on Alibaba Group.

Top 3: Byte Dance

Everyone should be familiar with Bytedance now. As of a few years, the DAU of its app TikTok has exceeded 600 million. At the middle of the year, there were rumors that ByteDance was about to go public, with a valuation of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars. It is estimated that this Internet company can reach this market value without going public. It is estimated that it can be counted with one hand?

Top 4: Meituan

This is one of the dark horses of this year. Some people even say that the Internet giant will add a Meituan. Indeed, the rapid increase in the number of users of Meituan this year is also jaw-dropping. At one point, the express delivery brother was not enough. This year, it has entered the fresh food group buying circuit, which has a vague meaning of winning the top spot.

Top 5: Jingdong

Since Liu Qiangdong has been hiding behind the scenes, Jingdong’s business has been steadily growing, but the gap between the number of users and the main competitors is still very worthy of attention. In the past two years, has been quietly operating.

Top 6: Ant Technology

You may be a little unfamiliar with Ant Technology, but when you mention Alipay, everyone should know it. The predecessor of Ant Technology is Ant Financial, and Alipay is a product of Ant Financial. Ant Financial will officially change its name in July 2020. For the ant group. Although Ma Yun has been rumored recently, which has caused the listing to be suspended, but Ant's listing is certain.

Top 7: NetEase

Although we don't usually have much contact with NetEase, as the big brother of Chinese Internet companies, its strength should not be underestimated.

Top 8: Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a global mobile Internet company focusing on the research and development of smart hardware and electronic products. It is also an innovative technology company focusing on the construction of high-end smart phones, Internet TVs and smart home ecological chains.

Top 9: Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo is an upstart in China's e-commerce industry. Pinduoduo has grown rapidly in the cracks and has become the real second-hand in China's e-commerce arena. A stable, healthy and sustainable Pinduoduo is beneficial to Taobao Tmall, , and the entire e-commerce environment.

Top 10: Didi Travel

The emergence of 5G and the wider coverage of smartphones, and Didi's penetration of the sinking market, have made him firmly in the top position on the travel track, and once no one can surpass it.

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