China's ten largest islands (ranked by area)summer resorts in China
Top 1: Taiwan island bai—36193 square kilometers

Taiwan Island ranks first among China’s 20 largest islands in terms of area. It is the largest island in China and 38th among the largest islands in the world. According to the 2006 population statistics, the island’s population is about 23 million, and it belongs to Taiwan Province. Main island. Taiwan Island belongs to the transition zone between subtropical and tropical. Typhoons close to the sea often occur in summer and autumn.

Top 2: Hainan Island—32,198 square kilometers

The area of Hainan Island is only that of Taiwan Island. The terrain is high in the middle and low and flat all around. If we look at the plan, the whole island looks like an oval-shaped Sydney. The climate on the island is a tropical monsoon climate. The day length difference between the summer solstice and the winter solstice is very small. The average temperature is 22.5-25.6°C, and the four seasons are like spring.

Top 3: Chongming Island-1,267 square kilometers

Chongming Island is the third largest island in China with a population of approximately 821,500. Pudong Airport and Xingdong Airport are both built here. The climate on the island is a subtropical monsoon climate. Typhoons, heavy rains, rainy seasons, and droughts are common disasters. Climate. Chongming Island belongs to Shanghai, but a small part belongs to Jiangsu Province.

Top 4: Zhoushan Island-476.17 square kilometers

Zhoushan Island belongs to Zhejiang. The main landforms on the island are mountains and hills. It not only ranks fourth among the 20 largest islands in China in terms of area, but is also the largest island in Zhejiang. There is China’s largest fishing ground near Zhoushan Island-Zhoushan Fishing Ground. There are many types of fish, and many foods such as seafood and white geese are very famous.

Top 5: Yangzhong Island-about 320 square kilometers

Yangzhong Island belongs to Jiangsu Province, and is also known as Pufferfish Island and Taipingzhou. Yangzhong Island is located in the middle of the northern subtropical monsoon climate zone. It has good climatic conditions and is suitable for crop growth. According to 2016 survey data, there are about 282,046 people living on the island.

Top 6: East Island—289.49 square kilometers

Donghai Island belongs to Zhanjiang, Guangdong. It has China's first long beach with a total length of 28 kilometers. In addition, Donghai Island has many well-known tourist attractions. The climate on the island is subtropical, and it is also the throat of imports and exports in the Golden Triangle Economic Zone of Southwest China.

Top 7: Haitan Island-267.13 square kilometers

Haitan Island is also known as "Donglan" or "Haishan", but the most famous alias is Pingtan Island. There are many places of interest on the island, such as 36 feet Lake, Shipaiyang Reef, Xianrenjing and so on. Haitan Island has a south subtropical maritime monsoon climate, with long summers and short winters, cool summers and warm winters, but it will be affected by natural disasters such as typhoons, gales, heavy rains, and droughts.

Top 8: Changxing Island—252.5 square kilometersLijiang

Changxing Island belongs to Dalian, Liaoning Province. It is a well-known coastal tourist area in China. The climate on the island belongs to a warm temperate and humid continental monsoon climate zone with four distinct seasons. Changxing Island is relatively close to Incheon Port in South Korea and Nagasaki Port in Japan. The island’s main industry is shipbuilding, and the world’s largest shipbuilding and petrochemical industry base is currently under construction.

Top 9: Dongshan Island-about 220.18 square kilometers

The plan of Dongshan Island looks like a butterfly, so it has the alias of Butterfly Island. It ranks ninth among the 20 largest islands in China in terms of area, and it is also the second largest island in Fujian by area. The climate on the island is a subtropical maritime monsoon climate, and the main industries are fishery, tourism, and glass industry.

Top 10: Yuhuan Island-169.51 square kilometers

Yuhuan Island is the tenth largest island in China by area and the second largest island in Zhejiang. The fishery, agriculture, industry and trade on the island are very active, and it has the reputation of "East Sea Jasper". There are many cultural and natural landscapes for navigation, and the tourism industry is very developed. It can be called the most prosperous island in central and southern Zhejiang.

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