Who is the strongest CBD in China?

CBD is often the most eye-catching material space of a city, but also the most glorious spiritual space of a city. For a city, CBD is not only an inevitable product of high industrial concentration, but also an indispensable spiritual space for a city.

1. Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City

The only 500 billion CBD in mainland China. Lujiazui is located on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, across the river from the Puxi Bund, with a total area of 31.78 square kilometers, contributing 44% of Shanghai's financial industry output value. There are more than 900 licensed financial institutions in Lujiazui, including foreign legal person banks, fund management companies and insurance asset management companies that account for about half of the country.

2. Guangzhou Tianhe CBD

In Guangzhou Tianhe CBD, 71 buildings have taxed over 100 million yuan, and 17 have taxed over 1 billion. According to the report of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Guangzhou Tianhe CBD has become the economic highland of buildings in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Tianhe CBD is the place with the highest density of skyscrapers above 300 meters in China.

3.Shenzhen Futian CBD

Shenzhen Futian CBD stands under the building group of Futian CBD. No matter how wide-angle your mobile phone is, it is always difficult to photograph a complete building, because it is indeed too high. Shenzhen, known as China's Silicon Valley, has never stopped catching up with the world's financial center. At present, the headquarters of licensed financial institutions in Shenzhen Futian CBD account for 67% of Shenzhen, and the headquarters of logistics enterprises and security enterprises both account for 70% of Shenzhen. In terms of professional service agencies, Futian CBD has gathered 50% of the city's accounting firms and patent agencies, becoming a veritable gathering place for headquarters in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

4. Fujian Free Trade Zone

Beijing CBD Beijing CBD is an area of 7 square kilometers from East Bridge Road in the west, East Fourth Ring Road in the east, Tonghui River in the south, and Chaoyang North Road in the north. The GDP of Beijing CBD in 2020 is 179.5 billion yuan, a slight increase of 0.84% year-on-year. In 2018, the GDP of Beijing CBD exceeded 200 billion yuan, and in the past two years, it fell out of the 200 billion camp.

5. Wuhan CBD

Wuhan CBD is a modern service industry center in Wuhan's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and a key urban construction project. According to the plan, Wuhan CBD is positioned as a modern service industry center focusing on finance, insurance, trade, information, consulting and other industries, "based in central China, facing the world, serving the whole country", forming a bank, insurance, securities and other investment companies and group headquarters. Office-based, supplemented by law, accounting, information, consulting, planning, advertising and other intermediary services, a comprehensive urban center area that brings together exhibition, retail, hotel, residential and other functions.

6. Hongqiao CBD

The transportation hub of Shanghai Hongqiao is a place that most people must reach when they come to Shanghai. As an important "engine" for the rise of West Shanghai, Hongqiao CBD has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Tianshan Square is located in the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao Foreign Trade Center. It is the earliest gathering place for consulates and the most active exhibition and trading center in Shanghai.

7. Hangzhou Wulin CBD

Hangzhou Wulin CBD has as many as 54 commercial buildings of 100 million yuan, and the proportion of buildings that have taxed more than 100 million yuan accounts for nearly 44%, which is on par with first-tier cities. It is adjacent to North Zhongbei Road in the east, Qingchun Road in the south, Wulin Road in the west, Huancheng North Road and Zhuanmiduqiao Road to connect the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, and Wenhui Road in the north, covering an area of about 2.5 square kilometers.

8. Jiefangbei CBD, Chongqing

Jiefangbei CBD closely centers on the construction concept of "Jiangshan CBD, Wealth CBD, Digital CBD, Humanity CBD", adheres to meticulous planning and design, high-end industry leading, high-quality carrier support, exquisite landscape coloring, and classic humanistic inheritance. With 5% of the whole district and 1/80,000 of the city's land area, 51% of the district's GDP, 3% of the city's GDP and 1/12 of the city's total social zero, it has become a service to promote the development of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Radiation center, the most dynamic and competitive "engine", the most charming modern city "sign".

9. Renmin Road CBD, Dalian

There are many world-renowned enterprises along Renmin Road in Zhongshan District, Dalian. The economy, technology, culture and commerce are highly concentrated here, the transportation is convenient, the flow of people, vehicles and logistics is huge. It is an important CBD in Dalian. Nearly 200 banking, insurance, securities and other financial service institutions, more than 1,400 Hong Kong bank service enterprises, more than 230 headquarters-type enterprises, functional institutions such as "one customs, three inspections" shipping trading market, 1,157 intermediaries and information consulting companies

10. Sichuan Free Trade Zone

The earliest agglomeration of the Internet industry in Guangzhou occurred on Keyun Road. Now Pazhou has connected with the upgrading and iteration of the Internet industry and has become the next seed player to carry the Internet development. Over the past ten years, the Keyun Road agglomeration area has been the business card of Guangzhou's game industry. Today, a compact CBD in Pazhou has emerged, and there is still a long way to go to become the next business card of the Guangzhou game industry.

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