China's top ten sauce-flavored wines!

When it comes to liquor, the first thing that comes to mind is Moutai. In fact, in addition to Moutai, my country also has many high-quality sauce-flavored liquors. Today, I will tell you about the top ten famous Chinese Maotai wines in 2020.

Top 1: Kweichow Moutai

Maotai wine is a traditional Chinese specialty wine. With Scotch whisky, France Cornek Brandy, one of the world's three major distilled wines, at the same time is one of China's three famous wine "Mao Wu Jian." It is also the ancestor of daqu sauce-flavored liquor, which has a history of more than 800 years.

Top 2: Xi-Wine

Xi wine to the local high-quality sorghum as raw material, wheat made into high temperature, accumulation of glycation, secondary feeding, eight fermentation, nine distillation, sealed storage, carefully checked out, with Maotai wine flavor. Sauce wine, the more chen, the more fragrant, quality with the growth of storage time, free alcohol molecules less and less.

Top 3: Lang wine

Lang wine, from the town of Yilang, Guyi County, Sichuan Province, China's national geographical indications products. Lang wine is located in the town of Shilang on the Chishui River, located in the high-quality area of sauce and white wine brewing. Chishui River since ancient times has been known as the "beautiful wine river".

Top 4: Guotai

Guizhou Guotai Liquor Group Co., Ltd., Maotai Town's second largest winemaking enterprises. At present, with the State Taiwan wine industry, Guotai Winery, Guotai Huai wine three production bases, annual output of authentic sauce-flavored liquor over 10,000 tons, storage of vintage base wine more than 40,000 tons.

Top 5: Golden Sand Cellar

Sands back to the sand wine to wheat composition, the use of two feeding, nine cooking, eight rounds of fermentation, seven wine picking Maotai wine production process brewing. The production of the base wine after three years of storage carefully check the packaging listed, guizhou in addition to Maotai wine, the first large sauce-style liquor, with a prominent sauce, elegant and delicate, flavor mellow, mellow, long aftertaste, empty cup left a unique flavor.

Top 6: Jean wine

Jane wine is a product of Guizhou Precious Wine Co., Ltd., mainly using sorghum, wheat as raw materials, the use of traditional sauce and white wine brewing process and process, with the pottery altar long-term storage of precious base wine.In 1989, he was awarded the National Quality Award for Quality (Silver Award) and officially entered the ranks of Famous Chinese Wines.

Top 7: Xiantan Wine

Tan wine: produced on the banks of the Chishui River in The town of Taiping, Guxian County, Sichuan Province. It's a sauce-flavored liquor. To high-quality sorghum, wheat, fairy tan spring water as raw materials. Take advantage of the unique natural environment, the use of ancient and unique sauce-flavored wine traditional production process, carefully brewed.

Top 8: Diaoyutai Liquor

Diaoyutai State Guest Wine has been introduced three generations of products since its inception in 1999. After two iterative upgrades, the third generation of Diaoyutai State Guest Wine was officially launched. The third generation of Diaoyutai state-guest wine, its base wine selection of more than 8 years old wine, the selection of more than 15 years of high-quality old wine for flavoring, the above 100 kinds of base wine, in accordance with the Diaoyutai state-guest wine standard carefully ticked.

Top 9: Chairman old wine

Chairman of the old wine is produced by Guizhou Chairman Liquor Co., Ltd., positioning high-end people, tailored for enterprises, entrepreneurs tailored to the enterprise wine. Chairman of the old wine series of products including the chairman of the old wine, chairman of the old wine N30, chairman of the old wine N50.

Top 10: Fengcheng Old Cellar

Liaoning brand-name Fengcheng old cellar, Fengcheng old cellar is one of the top ten cultural wines in China, Liaodong first wine, to bran sauce fragrance, taste pure is well-known. When Tang Taizong Li Shimin swam phoenix mountain, passing through the "burning pot", smelled the wine, the wine owner to the good wine, Tang Taizong Li Shimin drink after the dragon Yan Da Yue, after each year to recruit "East cooker" for the Tegong imperial wine, into the court.

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