Top Ten Poets in Song Dynasty

Song words, with its colorful and colorful appearance, competes with Tang poetry, competes with Yuan music, and has always been called the double best with Tang poetry, all of which represent the victory of a generation of literature.

1. Liu Yong

Liu Yong was the first poet who carried out a comprehensive reform of Song Words with graceful and graceful style and rich word poetry. He was the first poet dedicated to writing poetry in the Northern Song Dynasty. Liu Yong made great efforts to create slow poems, transplanted the method of fussing into the words, and at the same time made full use of slang words and sayings, with vulgar imagery, incisive narrative, plain line drawing and other unique artistic personality, It had a profound impact on the development of Song words.

2. Yan Shu

Yan Shu's words poems absorbed the elegant and fluent words style of the Southern Tang "Huajian School" and Feng Yansi, and created the graceful ci style of the Northern Song Dynasty. Some of Yan Shu's poems describe the love between men and women, spring flowers and autumn moon, and some describe the sadness of spring and resentment, parting and parting hatred, and many of them are fresh and elegant. His words also incorporates his own subjective emotions and life experience, and has the temperament of a scholar-officer.

3. Su Shi

Su Shi was a literary leader in the mid-Northern Song Dynasty, and he made great achievements in poetry, ci, prose, calligraphy and painting. Su Shi broke through the traditional pattern of "Yanke" for words, improved the literary status of words, transformed ci from an accessory of music into an independent lyric style, and fundamentally changed the development direction of words history.

4. Qin Guan

Qin Guan is an important writer of the Wanyue School of the Northern Song Dynasty. The poems written are ancient and heavy, and they are deeply touching. He is good at discussion, and has deep thoughts and artistic talents in poetry, words, prose and calligraphy, and is especially famous for his graceful words.

5. Zhou Bangyan

Zhou Bangyan, a poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, mostly wrote about boudoir love and custodial travel, and also has works of chanting things. The rhythm is rigorous, the language is elegant and elegant, and the long key is especially good at narration. He was regarded as the patriarch by later poets of the Metric Faction.

6. Li Qingzhao

Because of Li Qingzhao, the Song Dynasty poetry circle is even more brilliant. Li Qingzhao, known as Yi An Jushi, is a representative of the graceful and graceful faction, and is known as "the first talented woman through the ages". In his poems, he mostly wrote about his leisurely life in the early stage, but in the later stage, he lamented his life experience and sentimental sentiments. In terms of form, he makes good use of line drawing techniques, develops his own way, and uses clear and beautiful language.

7. Lu You

Lu You, a writer, historian, and patriotic poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. Lu You has been writing and cultivating incessantly all his life, and his poetry and prose have made great achievements. Lu You is a combination of boldness and gracefulness. Many of his poems are beautifully written, sincere and moving, which are close to the graceful and graceful style of Song poetry; and some poems often express profound life feelings, or imply superb minds, or have profound meanings. It's closer to Su Shi.

8. Xin Qiji

Xin Qiji, nicknamed Jiaxuan, has devoted his life to his achievements, but his fate has been ill-fated, and his ambitions are not rewarded. However, he never wavered in his belief in restoring the Central Plains, instead he put his passion, concern and anxiety about the rise and fall of the country and the destiny of the nation into his poems. The artistic styles of his poems are diverse, mainly bold and bold. The style is strong and heroic, but there is no lack of delicate and charming. The subject matter is broad and good at using allusions into the words.

9. Wu Wenying

Wu Wenying, courtesy name G√ľnte, nicknamed Mengchuang, was a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty. In the creation of words, Wu Wenying mainly learned from Zhou Bangyan. In terms of expression, "Dream Window Words" has the characteristics of breaking the traditional hierarchical structure, freedom of transformation, strong jumping, and a mixture of reality and imagination. As a master of the Southern Song Dynasty, he has a relatively high position in the creation and development of the school of poetry, and has a great influence on the later generations of the world of poetry.

10. Jiang Kui

Jiang Kui is another rare artistic all-rounder after Su Shi. Jiang Kui, courtesy name Yaozhang, name Baishi Daoren, was a writer and musician in the Southern Song Dynasty. His works are known for being ethereal and subtle. Jiang Kui is excellent at poetry, prose, calligraphy and music.

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