China's top ten ancient bridges

China is the hometown of bridges, and has been known as the "country of bridges" since ancient times. For thousands of years, hard-working and intelligent Chinese have built tens of thousands of wonderful and magnificent bridges. These bridges span between mountains and rivers, which not only promote circulation, but also decorate magnificent rivers and mountains, becoming one of the symbols of ancient Chinese civilization.

01.The oldest and most majestic stone arch bridge in the world-Zhaozhou Bridge

Zhaozhou Bridge, also known as Anji Bridge, is located on the Minghe River in the south of Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province. It spans a river over 37 meters wide. Because the bridge body is all built of stone, it is called the "Dashi Bridge" locally.Zhaozhou Bridge was designed and built by Li Chun, a stonemason in the Sui Dynasty. It has been nearly 1,400 years old and is the oldest and most majestic stone arch bridge in the world. The outstanding contribution of Li Chun, a famous stonemason in the Sui Dynasty, shines forever in the history of bridge construction in the world.

02.The oldest existing stone arch bridge in Beijing-Lugou Bridge

Lugou Bridge, also known as Lugou Bridge, is about 15 kilometers southwest of Beijing, on the Yongding River in Fengtai District. Named because it crosses the Lugou River (ie Yongding River), it is the oldest existing stone combined arch bridge in Beijing. The July 7th Incident in 1937 took place here, and it was the beginning of the Japanese imperialist invasion of mainland China. Therefore, the Lugou Bridge became a historic monument.

03.Luoyang Bridge, the earliest surviving sea-crossing large stone bridge in China

Luoyang Bridge, formerly known as Wan’an Bridge, is located on the Luoyang River in the eastern suburbs of Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Cai Xiang, the prefect of Quanzhou in the Song Dynasty, presided over the construction of the bridge. From the fourth year of Emperor Huangyou in the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 1053) to the fourth year of Jiayou (AD 1059), it took seven years and spent 14 million taels of silver. This big stone bridge across the river and the sea.

04.The oldest open-close large stone bridge in the world-Guangji Bridge

Guangji Bridge, also known as Xiangzi Bridge, is located in the east of Chaozhou Town, Chao'an County, Guangdong Province, across the Han River. It was built in the 6th year of Gandao in the Southern Song Dynasty (1170), and was presided over by Zeng Wang, a member of the Chaozhou military and state affairs, who presided over the construction of the west bridge pier. It was completed in the 2nd year of Baoqing (1226). Guangji Bridge, Zhaozhou Bridge, Luoyang Bridge, and Lugou Bridge are also known as the four famous ancient Chinese bridges. They belong to the national key protected cultural relics and are a valuable heritage in Chinese bridge architecture.

05.The longest existing stone bridge in ancient China-Anping Bridge

Anping Bridge is the longest existing stone bridge in ancient my country, and enjoys the reputation of "there is no bridge in the world." It is located on the bay between Anhai Town, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and Shuitou Town, Nan’an, Quanzhou, China. Because the bridge is about 5 li, it is commonly known as the Wuli Bridge. The current bridge has a total length of 2070 meters and a bridge deck of 3 meters to 3.6 meters wide. The deck is constructed with giant stone slabs and has railings on both sides. The bridge is the longest beam stone bridge in the world in the Middle Ages, and it is also the longest existing large stone bridge at the seaport in my country. In 1961, Anping Bridge became one of the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units announced by the country.

06.The Longest Existing Porous Stone Bridge in China-Precious Belt Bridge

Baodai Bridge, also known as Changqiao, is a masterpiece of ancient Han bridge architecture. It is located in Changqiao Town (now Changqiao Street), Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Among the existing ancient bridges in China, the longest is a porous stone bridge. It was built in the eleventh to fourteenth years of Tang Yuanhe (816-819 AD), and the current bridge was built by the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was listed as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units in 2001, and was included in the World Heritage List as an important heritage site of the Grand Canal in 2014.

07.The most beautiful bridge in China-Wuting Bridge

Wuting Bridge is known as the "most beautiful bridge in China" and is a masterpiece of ancient bridge architecture. Located in the national 5A-level scenic spot-Slender West Lake, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, it is a landmark building in Yangzhou City. The Wuting Bridge was built in the 22nd year of Qianlong (1757), and it is a five-dragon pavilion and seventeen holes imitating Beihai in Beijing. The bridge is also called the Lotus Bridge.

08.One of the existing ancient iron cable bridges in China-iron cable bridge

The Luding Cable Bridge is located on the Dadu River in Luding County and is a national key cultural relics protection unit. The bridge was built in the 44th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty and completed in 45th year (1706). Kangxi's imperial pen inscribed "Luding Bridge", and an imperial stele was erected at the head of the bridge. The bridge is 103 meters long and 3 meters wide. 13 iron chains are fixed in the wells of the bridge abutments on both sides, 9 are used as bottom chains, and 4 are used as handrails on both sides. There are 12,164 iron rings interlocking in total. The weight of the whole bridge is more than 40 tons. The bridge piers on both sides of the bank are ancient wooden structures with unique style and features, which are unique in my country. Since the Qing dynasty, this bridge has been an important channel for Sichuan to enter Tibet and an important military spot.

09.The largest and heaviest stone beam bridge in the world ─ Jiangdong Bridge

Jiangdong Bridge, formerly known as Hudu Bridge, is located in the lower reaches of Beixi River of Jiulong River in Fujian Province, west of Jiangdong Farm, Jiaomei Town, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone. Jiangdong Bridge is one of the ten famous bridges in ancient my country. In recent years, it has been listed as the largest stone beam bridge in the world by "The Best of the World" book.

10.The oldest stone pier bridge-Baqiao

Located in the east of Xi'an, Baqiao is an influential ancient bridge. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Qin Mugong dominated Xirong, changing Zishui to Bashui and repairing the bridge, so it was called "Baqiao".

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